Proactiv+: The Results


8 weeks ago, with the hopes of having good quality skin, I started the Proactiv+ 3 step trial.

This involved using three skincare products morning and night:

  1.  'Skin Smoothing Exfoliator',
  2.  'Pore Targeting Treatment
  3. 'Complexion Perfecting Hydrator'

In addition to this I received the 'Skin Purifying Mask' to use twice weekly.

With such problematic skin like mine, this was a routine I was going to have to keep at if I wanted to abolish these problems.

First Impressions:

The first impressions of the products were great. With minimalist packaging and lacking a distinctive scent, I immediately imagined that this product was more straight to the point and would do what it said it would. You can read more on what I thought in my 'Initial Impressions' post.

What's my favourite product?
The way the products work together and help each other is really quite admirable but the one I like using the most is the Skin Purifying Mask. At first, I hated it as it really brought to light all of my skin problems; spots came to the surface, dry skin became more apparent etc, and I had to frantically use the other products to 'calm' my face down. But...I suppose that's how it's meant to work. Imagine if those problems hadn't of surfaced?! I love the mask now because it just starts the basis for a proper face cleaning session, and doesn't feel as clammy as other face masks - it's lightweight, but relaxing to wear all the while.

8 weeks on? 

Here's a picture of me with
my fresh feeling skin. ;)
I'm still prone to oily skin, blackheads and breakouts, but following this skincare routine has definitely helped prevent a lot of these issues and reduce the frequency and force with which they occur. With the almost instantaneous feeling of having a weight lifted from your pores, myself and others have noticed that my skin appears brighter, more full of life & (most importantly) looks cleaner since using Proactiv+.

Browse/Shop Proactiv+ here.

I think now it might be a case of looking through my makeup and ridding myself of oily foundations and concealers. They're just not the one.

That's all for now x

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