Desigual: Gift Set review


The design and packaging: (Aesthetics)
The box in which the gift set comes in is tasteful, a colourful pattern is complimented by a pop of orange.
With the perfume comes a small bag which I'm currently using as a make up / fragrance bag as it's gorgeous and fits nicely in my handbag. 
The bottle is beautifully crafted with a spiral emboss print and the lid mechanism is in this hippy-esque print; making long summer days relaxing in the sun seem that little bit closer this winter...
The perfume itself:
The scent itself is versatile and easily wearable. It has an air of innocence to it as well as floral tones like peonies exuberating life into the perfume. It's a fun, flirty everyday fragrance that can whisk anyone from day to night, office to glam instantly: it works around you. I always think perfume, like clothes and make up, should be a reflection of who you are, and this really gives off a vibrant, bubbly vibe to it. It seems like it would belong to someone energetic, lively and spontaneous, a "do-er".

Who is it suitable for?
With Christmas approaching it's time to start thinking about presents and with everyone rushing about around town centres and cities, it's best to at least have some idea on what you want to buy before you dare brave the centre's late night openings in prep for Christmas.
I personally think this would be a good gift 🎁 for a young female; without trying to sound exclusive. Of course any gift can be bought for anyone and it's all subjective, but speaking on purely generalised terms and what I feel this product I'd marketed for is that it would be brilliant idea for a friend or a sister??
Even better yet for someone who's maybe a little difficult to buy for, or more of a distant relative like a cousin or sister in law. This being is that it is such a widely appealing gift and in my opinion a good way to bring in some fun into the festive season.
Where to buy:
The desigual 100ml gift set with bag is currently available from The Fragrance Shop online

and in store for £19. 

That's all for now.

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