A Simply Beautiful Sunday


Recently I obtained a 'Simply Beautiful Collection' bundle of products that I wanted to let you know my thoughts and opinions on, these included:

  • Rose & Argan Oil Body Butter
  • Cotton Skincare Gel
  • Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser
  • Vitamin ACE Hydra-Gel Serum
  • Pure Honey & Almond Bath & Shower Creme

First impressions of the product are that they are very pleasantly packaged, the touch of having a silver ring below the pump really adds to the idea of this product being quite luxury. The pleasant mix of whites and pinks conjure up images of being in the bathroom of a 5* hotel somewhere far away.
Aesthetically speaking, they make a pretty collection of shelf occupiers.

I'll start off with the rose and argan oil body butter. Smooth and creamy in texture, the dusky pink butter gives off a subtle, sweet and slightly floral aroma. I applied the butter after showering and couldn't help but notice that my skin felt much smoother and cotton-soft to the touch. Retailing at a price of £25 for a 450ml jar, this body butter is by far the best one I have owned to date. Furthermore, it'd be perfect as a gift or indulgent treat for yourself.

Hydra-Gel Serum (with Vitamins ACE):

In my opinion, the most premium, or designer-looking, product out of the mix, implying a top of the range face cream. The Vitamin ACE Hydra-Gel Serum felt gorgeous on my skin. I apply it once in the morning and once at night and it's really working well for me, my skin's natural glow is back and my face well moisturised.

I'm absolutely loving SBC's range of skincare
This cleanser was light and soft to the touch. Milky in consistency, the cleanser is pumped twice and the contents rubbed gently onto my face; it is applied to skin dampened with warm water and a flannel to ensure pores are open and the cleanser's full benefit is felt. After washing it off, I dab my face with cold water to close my pores. 
This is the routine I've been following twice a week for the past fortnight with my new cleanser and have noticed a dramatic change in the quality and appearance of my skin. Blackheads are now few and far between and my face, in general, appears fresh and well maintained. Retailing at £25 for a 250ml bottle, this cleanser is specifically designed for mature and/or dry skin.

As far as skincare gels go, the cotton skincare gel is probably one of the most no-frills ones I've seen. Don't let it's basic looks fool you though. If you look past the lack of pretty colours and floral/fruity fragrances, the SBC is a good all-round shower gel. Universally made for both adults and children, men and women, the fragrance-free and allergen-free cotton skincare gel is certainly on my list of favourites this summer and at £34 a 500ml bottle, it'll give you that additional luxury this August.

Coming Soon

Honey & Almond Bath & Shower Creme:
Lastly, available to buy soon on the SBC website is the honey and almond shower cream, which I personally adore. With ingredients such as nutmeg and cashmere, this indulgent shower cream offers a truly luxury bathing experience and at £20 I'd definitely recommend anyone wanting a touch of indulgence to buy this.

Overall, I'd have to say SBC's range of products really do feel luxury; giving an almost spa-like experience to my wash routine.

That's all x

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  1. These product names make me feel like they smell heavenly! I've never heard of this brand but the products seem great for a Sunday pamper day :)


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