Summer Essentials: Clean Skin with Casmara


To start off my summer essentials' series I'd like to talk about the area I am most passionate in; skincare. I'm a firm believer that the key to confidence is to love the skin you're in, which is why in this lead up to summer I wanted to do things a little differently. I decided to put all my faith in the Spanish brand 'Casmara'.

The Casmara rejuvenating algae peel-off mask and its counterparts are available at Boots for £9.99.

'20 minutes to change your face'
A bold statement that carries a lot of promises; I've seen this all too many times with companies, not just skincare brands but a whole host of brands promising to provide effects that, quite frankly, seem too good to be true.

So, the question is raised. Can the Casmara face mask compare to spa treatments, as they so ambitiously claim?

Boasting the inclusion of 24ct gold, the rejuvenating algae peel-off mask oozes an egyptian bronze colour once the powder and liquid have been thoroughly mixed together. My first thoughts are that this mask is very thick in consistency, similar to that of honey. The mixture feels shockingly cold on your face, however, after some getting used to I'd go as far to say the experience was relaxing, despite the inevitable mask covered hairline and brows.
Having the mask on however felt very unpleasant. It was thick, gloopy and felt like I had a pancake on my face once the mixture had set. It's definitely as easy as it looks on the packaging. Another negative was that there was far too much mixture for one use in there, and no directions as to how much powder etc to use, henceforth, I'd advise to either use this in a group (maybe a girly night in?) or use about 1/3 of the powder and 1/3 of the liquid and then try and reseal them. Otherwise, like me, you''ll find that most of the product ends in the bin.
A major benefit of the product however is the price. At £9.99, it's considerably cheaper than a trip to the spa (even with the help of wowcher or groupon). So, if you're someone who loves a good pampering, but maybe can't afford trips to the spa on a regular basis, this is a great alternative and something that I would personally choose over an expensive spa visit due to the fact you can experience it in the comfort of your own home.

The most important factor however is the results. 

After all, why buy an alternative spa treatment if it's not going to actually work? I can definitely say my skin felt a lot smoother. Using the revitalising cream included in the pack straight after the application is definitely recommended however to maximise the benefits of using this face mask.

Casmara Moisturing Cream

The Casmara Hydra Moisturising Anti-Aging Cream is
available at Boots for £44.99. 

A product I've been using on a more regular basis is the Casmara Hydra moisturising cream.Retailing for £44.99, the hefty price tag carries a lot of expectations. Do they fulfill them? In short, yes, I absolutely adore this face cream and whilst I'm not quite the target market (anti-aging) for this face cream, I definitely would recommend it to anyone with either dry skin, and for those who want to prevent the signs of aging. Whilst the general rule of thumb is to wait til your late twenties at least until you start to anti-age yourself, just as it speeds up skin cell production (or something) and whilst that's good for rejuvinating tired skin, it just makes your face age more rapidly as your natural skin cell production is disturbed. However, I do use this on dry patches of skin and it is very useful for that.

A product for my future, I think.

The light and smooth hydra cream by Casmara feels cool and refreshing on the face. Not only is it quite rapid at absorbing, it also leaves skin feeling fresh and soft - a definite positive.

What's your favourite skincare product this summer season? Let me know!

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