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When it comes to purchasing cosmetics, I prefer to go for multi-purpose products as I simply do not have the money to buy the variety of products available, so it would take a lot to convince me to purchase three different nail products, each priced at £6.99. Below are my thoughts...

Cuticle Oil:

To start with, I'll dicuss the NailHQ Cuticle Oil. It took a few applications over the space of a couple of days to be able to see any actual result. Containing a collection of vitimins and oils, including Jojoba oil, which is especially good for use on hair and, of course, cuticles. I found the awful flake-like skin around my nail smoothed out a lot, and also, my cuticles are in a marginally better condition; an appropriate result for the price paid. Overall, whilst I normally wouldn't go out and purchase this product, especially not at almost £7 per bottle, the cuticle oil does have preventative features against cracking and peeling, which would be ideal for keeping a smart appearance, as well as in preparation for the summer season.


The NailHQ Strengthener doesn't appear to have done much in the past seven days, however, looks can be deceiving. One thing I have noticed is that my nails break less. Containing Keratin Proteins which help prevent breakages of the nails, which, as a result, helps the nails to grow.


My favourite product from NailHQ however was by far the Growth. Containing vitimins A & D and biotin, the Growth Treatment helps normalise nail growth, as well as moisturise and condition.I tested out whether the Growth Treatment worked by applying it to only one hand for 7 consecutive days. The result? Well, let's just say that if I were to choose one product to purchase out of the three it would be the Growth Treatment as not only has it helped my nails to grow noticably longer, it also left them with a glossy shine.

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  • Bodycare
  • Superdrug
  • Amazon
  • Fragrance Direct

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