10 Ways To Appreciate The World Around You


The Dingle, Shrewsbury
If there's one issue there is with the First World it's that a lot of the time we all get so caught up in our routines and rituals that we miss the beauty of the everyday. We miss so many opportunities to just stop and smell the roses because we're too busy going to college, or work...or thinking about your next blog post. Below are ways that have helped me, and I will continue to return to, when I feel disconnected from the world and when I feel like I haven't taken any time to wind down.

A walk with my dog Seamus around Barmouth.
  1. Go on a walk: there's nothing like a leisurely walk on a warm day to really raise your serotonin. Seeing the wildlife around you in it's prime. 
  2. Close your eyes for 60 seconds, take deep breaths and just listen to the sound around you, the feel of the breeze caressing your face and gently rolling over your hair.
  3. Go for a picnic or have lunch Al-Fresco.
  4. Watch the sunset.
  5. Go on a drive, or if you don't have a car, go on an interesting train journey somewhere. (I personally love the train journey to Barmouth because as you get wonderful views of the Welsh coast)
  6. Speaking of Barmouth, my next point was take a trip to the beach. The feeling of sand between your toes, the swoosh of the tidal winds causing the waves to lap on the shore. There's something about being on the beach and staring out into the ocean that really makes me feel optimistic, it makes me feel like I can go anywhere and fills me with a strange sense of hope.
  7. Get out of the house. Whilst spending time indulging in more solitary hobbies has its worth, I find I feel I've done more with my day if I've spent it outside the house.
  8. Plant a flower seed/bulb and watch it grow. You can really have fun choosing with this one, pick your favourite flower, maybe a rose if you're a romantic, or a sunflower if you consider yourself quite a summery, bubbly person, or you could just pick one at random, and take the time to water it. Once you've got yourself a fully grown flower, you'll not only appreciate the beauty in the little things, but you'll also feel a sense of achievement.
  9. Write down three good things that happen everyday - I find this one helps when I'm having a bad day. You've got to remember there's always bad in the good, but good in the bad too!
  10. The best way to really appreciate the world around you though, is to experience it with someone you care about Whether that's a friend, a partner or...in my case...a dog, life's just that little bit more fun when you've got company.

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  1. really great post, i definitely need to get out more now that the weather is warmer!

    danielle | avec danielle


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