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Have you ever wanted to just really treat yourself, but the tedious journey to spa's and similar facilities just put you off? That's exactly how I feel. I want to pamper myself, but I'm pretty lazy to say the least. There are lot of companies out there that promise to give you the closest experience to being in a spa, without the effort of travelling and conversing with people and I never know what to belief. So, I took the plunge and tried out Obey Your Body Dead Sea Mineral Range; it's fantastic.

Amongst the mass amounts of products I received from this company, there were a few that really stood out. The product that really gave the 'spa at home' experience was definitely the Dead Sea Mineral Mud. It was so different and unique, it made you feel as though you weren't just sat in your living room (as I was) and almost as though you were in a spa; without having to leave the comfort of your own home - and the unlimited supply of tea.
The product is not available in tub form at the moment, but packets are priced at £15
The product felt like clay, or plaster of Paris on the skin, it was smooth though, and didn't pull or tug on the skin as some products do. The mud is faded brown in colour, with a grey tint and whilst the smell is not as flattering as other brands it does give you peace of mind that there are no harsh chemicals. What you see is what you get.
Above: What my arm looked like after five minutes of muddiness.
Now for the important part, did the product actually work? I tested the product on my forearm and left it for 15 minutes, as directed. I then rinsed it off gently, and with a flannel tapped my arm dry. Of course the sink was now grey, but hey ho, my arm was really smooth. I have used this product on my legs as well, and the same result was achieved, except, I didn't wash it off in the sink of course. Words can't really describe how soft my skin felt after using this; I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking to just relax after work, or even for a girly night in. 

Another product that I am adoring by Obey Your Body at the moment is the Peeling Gel. A 50ml bottle will set you back over £100, so before you consider purchasing it, here's a viewpoint that may prove useful before clicking 'checkout' on their website. I think the phrase 'you get what you pay for' really fits well with this product. I'm so impressed, the idea of 'dead skin cells rising to the surface before being literally peeled away right before your eyes' meant nothing to me before I actually saw the results. Immediately, if I might add. 
Whilst I wouldn't normally recommend such an expensive product, the results are flawless. At £119.95, it is quite an investment, but if you want quality, I'm afraid in this case the quantity you pay is important.
The Peeling Gel is what it says on the tube, it's gentle and hardworking at the same time. *cue particles singing 'hi ho' as they come out the bottle* Anyway, the product feels light, and despite my dislike of all things gooey, I actually like the texture of this product. Reminding somewhat of hand sanitising gel in texture, the peeling gel just glides on, revealing instantly cleaner skin. After rubbing into my skin in light circular motions for about a minute, I removed the excess product, appearing as tiny rolls of an almost paper tissue like substance on my face; clearly it had removed the dirt (which I never knew I had) from my face.
Despite not being made of money, I'm actually considering re-purchasing this product once I'm done.
 Unfortunately, every rose has it's thorn and in this case it came in the form of a Milk Lotion. On the bottle it heralds it's suitability for sensitive skin types, although, I found that this wasn't the case. Whilst the product was aesthetically pleasing in both texture, colour and smell, it did sting when it was rubbed on my face and afterwards, my skin looked worse than it did to start with. All blotchy and red in colour; not exactly a spa-like feeling. This could be due to the fact the product contains alcohol in it, or I could just have a very sensitive face. Anyway, don't knock it until you've tried it.
I'd recommend you at least sample the milk lotion before passing judgement, it may just not have agreed with me; I do suffer with psoriasis.  

All in all, my spa at home experience was great and I'd recommend these products for gifts, treats and special occasions (or on pay day ;) )

Beth x

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