July Empties: What I've been loving this past month.


I've got quite a few empties this month, that I can't wait to tell you about.
First off is my new favourite shampoo/conditioner brand, Faith In Nature. I've been using this since May and it's fabulous, I love it so much. It makes my hair feel thick and voluminous, whilst adding shine: of course it smells lovely too. In fact, I loved it so much I wrote a great review about it that you can read here: Saturday Showers. The RRP of Faith In Nature Coconut Shampoo/Conditioner is £5.50 each. However, I have seen them in my local Oxfam (brand new) for £3.99, so you may be able to find them in there. Faith In Nature also do a lot of other great smelling shampoos, conditioners as well as skincare and body care products in scents from Chocolate to pomegranate. What I love best about Faith In Nature is that it's a vegan product and they always try to use organic sources where possible. Whilst it's not as cheap as buying Herbal Essences or Alberto Balsam from your local Home Bargains, it's the quality and the guaranteed cruelty-free that compels me to carry on buying this product.
Check out Faith In Nature's great range here.
Another empty this month is my saviour between washes, especially the non-existent washes I had to endure at Download Festival in June. Batiste, I thank you. This product is amazing. It's perfect at giving your hair that bit more life as well as making it smell divine. The new Pixie Lott edition is to die for, it smells so pretty. However, if you're a brunette like me your money would be better spent on the Batiste that's specifically formulated for brown hair (otherwise you'll go grey). I still use the Pixie Lott though, I just have to be a bit more careful. A couple of spritz each day after washing ensures your hair doesn't look bleak, lifeless or worse...greasy. Retailing at £2.99 it's a steal, mine lasted me about 6 weeks.
Read my 'Quick and Easy Festival Hair' featuring Batiste here.
  Onto the beauty section, this month I've had three products that I simply can't pull myself away from. So much so, that they have now run out and I need repurchase. Surely that's a good sign though. First up is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in black, this retails at £10.99 but the quality seeps through it. I've been asked so many times "What false lashes are you wearing today, they're lovely" and it feels great knowing I've just brushed on some of this wonder product. It's not waterproof, but at the same time, it doesn't smudge much, so unless you have extremely bad hay fever or you can't stop crying one day, then you should be okay. Another Max Factor product that I simply cannot get enough of is the 2 in 1 ageless elixir foundation in 040 light ivory. This foundation retails at £12.99 at superdrug is a must have. It's a light coverage that gives the impression of a matte. It glides smoothly across your face creating a beautiful even finish. Perfect for all year round coverage, it's also helpful in the summer with SPF 15. Lastly in the make-up section is Rimmel London's True Match Perfection Concealer. This product retails at £5.99 and I got it in 010 ivory. Unlike some concealers, it does not leave areas of your face looking either too pale, or tangoed. It just covers over blemishes, dark circles and blotchiness, without feeling too heavy or damaging on your skin. I'd definitely recommend this if you're looking for either a light simple coverage that does not require foundation over the top, or if you're looking to layer for a more matte, polished look.
Buy/Browse: True Match Concealer, Max Factor Foundation, False Lash Effect Mascara
Other empties this month include a gorgeous almond hand & nail cream from The Body Shop. This luxurious hand cream retails for £5.00. I used this religiously at Download Festival as the hand sanitiser would really dry out your hands. I'll be repurchasing this in time for autumn/winter; have a look here. Last but not least is Lynx Dry Apollo antiperspirant, this has lasted me about 4 months now. I know it's a men's product, but it smells great and it does the job a lot better than most women's products I've tried. The XL lynx retails at £4.15, so it's not the cheapest available, but it really s a quality antiperspirant and lasted me a good amount of time. Check it out here.

That's all the empties this month, thanks for reading.

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