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Here's a bit of a different post for you today, featuring my staffy Maximus, and this great online pet shop ''  So, put your paws together for our four legged friend, Mr Maximus: it's his debut in blogging, so be kind. ;)

Store Focus:

Rerro everybody, I've heard a lot about this whole blogging thing and wanted to have a go for myself. I got the greatest opportunity ever a few weeks ago, when a large parcel arrived (I barked when the postman knocked at the door, until I realised it was for me). Before receiving my parcel, my peoples did a bit of research about Pet Shop, and let me tell you, hound to human, that it really is brilliant. You can get a whole host of dog foods, toys, accessories and medicines delivered straight to your door. They were thrilled when a bag of Lily's Kitchen showed up in the parcel, and I was pretty pleased too of course. Except, noone told me that my brother, Seamus, got to see the contents of the parcel first. WHY? He was so smug afterwards, so I ate all the Almo. BOFLMTO. (that means "Bark on floor laughing my tail off")

Lily's Kitchen
Lovely Lamb with Pea ^ Parsley
Lily's Kitchen in Lovely Lamb retails at £6.29 for a 1kg bag.
For those of you who don't know me, I'm a bit of a fussy eater when it comes to dog food; normally, I just rob pork chops, and sometimes skittles from my peoples, but I actually really liked Lily's Kitchen. It was really gentle on my tummy. It tasted great, much more interesting than standard kibble, especially with a pouch of Almo (I'll let you know how I got on with that shortly).
What my peoples liked about Lily's Kitchen was that it was made with a great range of ingredients. This is unlike other brands such as Pedigree which contain a large percentage of crude ash that are indigestible and often harsh on the digestive system. (I have no idea what that means, my peoples just told me to put that down, but I think that means it's not that great). The good thing about Lily's Kitchen is that the amount of crude fibers (not ash) are balanced, henceforth it's good for my system. The benefits you may ask? Well, it helps lower my cholesterol (and given the amount of cheese I have, I could really use me some crude fibers) as well as diabetes. Not only is it absolutely wonderful, it's also healthy.
My brother's had some of my food too, so it didn't last as long as I hoped.
Lily's Kitchen contains at least 32% lamb, much more than pedigree and other brands. The trick is, I've been told is if a  product has the phrase 'with lamb' or 'with beef' there will only be a small amount (>5%) in it, and that's not good. If I don't get me some good lamb, I steal pork chops.

Almo Nature Dog Meat

Almo Nature dog food retails for 90p a packet. 
Woof! Talk about complimentary food. I loved almo nature's food. *wags tail* It was great. I mixed it in with lily's kitchen, and it was like the dog equivalent of a Sunday roast. Such an affordable yet great tasting, great quality mixer. Honestly, any paw pals reading this, you have not lived or been more dog until you've tried Almo.
Here's me enjoying a hearty meal. I'm handsome aren't I? BOL.
I never eat my meal in one sitting, but I just couldn't resist.
Did someone say Almo?
 Straying away from food now, it's time to tell you about my all time favourite toy (alongside my rawhide bone). The Kong. Pet Shop sent me their classic kong in a medium, and not only is it great to run round with (I like it when my peoples chase me) it's brilliant when I need to stay home alone, as my peoples load it with peanut butter (omnomnom) and it keeps me quiet.
This Kong Classic is size - medium. Pet Shop stocks XS-Giant with Med retailing at £7.13.
 It would also be great for games like fetch, although I wouldn't know as I operate by the policy "You throw it, you get it" much to my people's annoyance. BOL! (Bark out loud) The reason why it'd be perfect for fetch is it's not to harsh on the mouth - the rubber makes it soft and it's *touch wood* indestructible. Be careful though, it's super bouncy so if you're playing in your back garden be careful it doesn't fly over the fence or something.

The last gift I received were these great treats by Pooch & Mutt hand-baked treats containing lamb & chamomile - it's like a solid cup of tea for dogs! Talk about relaxation, eh? There's this chemical that helps with serotonin production in dogs, so that's pretty cool.
The treats are really small, and only contain about 3cals, so I have loads! Power to the paws!
 The treats are really good before fireworks; my wimpy brother Seamus is terrified of them so my peoples give him some before any fireworks go off, to calm him down - they work a treat. They're also good for training purposes, e.g. recently I've been working on my 'leg' command (which is where I have to walk behind my people's leg, almost like a 'heel' command) and they're great for positive reinforcement. I'm also given them instead of skittles now too, as no matter how great the rainbow may taste, all those artificial colours and - I better stop, I'm getting hyper just thinking about them. What I'm trying to say, is that they're a healthy snack that any dog (above 16 weeks) can enjoy!
Retailing at £2.89, they're not one to be missed.
To finish, I want to say how good Pet Shop is. Not that money matters to me, although my people's have told me it's a lot cheaper than Pet's at Home (the big store that does pic 'n' mix for dogs) and the quality and range of products on there is brilliant. Did you know you can even purchase Dog Kennels, and stuff for those ugly four legged creatures called cats? As well as Guinea Pigs, Rabbits & Birds! How great is that? All delivered to your door.
Anyway, waggy tails and muddy paw trails, BOL, bye. 

Maximus (with the help of Seamus)

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