Why I've Stopped Drinking Coffee


I've recently cut out coffee from my diet and my body really is thanking me for it. I used to be a huge coffee lover - I loved a caramel latte, but I noticed it was really affecting my anxiety.

One of the symptoms of anxiety I suffer from is shakiness, and caffeine really wasn't helping, so I made the decision to cut out coffee from my life. Sure, I still drink fizzy drinks and tea, which contain some caffeine in, but not the same extent as coffee does. 

In the first few days, I noticed my symptoms were decreased massively. I was no longer shaking, and whilst I was drinking a lot, and I mean a lot, of tea to compensate for not having coffee, I noticed I was virtually symptom free.

This makes my life a whole lot easier in terms of combating anxiety. I don't have to worry so much about people noticing me shaking and all the thoughts and opinions they may have of me based on that. I only have to focus on the negative thoughts associated with anxiety itself. 

Shaking all the time while I was out would lead to heightened anxiety levels and coffee would just fuel the shakiness or even when I wasn't anxious, I'd be shaking because of how much caffeine was in my system, which in turn would make me anxious about what people would be thinking, or would lead me to doubt how well I was doing. Was I feeling anxiety and not knowing?

Not shaking when I leave the house is a god-send for me, it was the main factor that was leading me to stay inside all the time and avoid doing what I loved and without caffeine it all becomes possible again. Of course, I still have to work on my anxious thoughts, but removing caffeine from my diet is a starting point for me.

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