My Guide To Intentional Living


Intentional living is a lifestyle based around you, and it can mean different things to different people but it's solely based around your own beliefs and values. Rather than live your life according to others, you create your own ebb and flow through asking yourself 'why?'.

Intentional living is all about living your best life.

It's about mindfully asking yourself 'why' you do certain things, why you keep the company you keep or why you bought that item of clothing last week and if you're not content with the answer to these 'whys' it's about re-evaluating them so that everything you do is intentional, it has purpose behind it.

It's about living your day with your dreams, aspirations, goals and values in mind, not the values of others.

For me, personally, intentional living is all about the "I'm doing this because...". because being the key word here. It's where your actions add up into a greater whole, where you find success in the little things. i.e

I'm decluttering my desk so I can blog because I want to be a freelance writer.
Something as simple as cleaning your desk then becomes a small achievement within itself as it adds up to the bigger picture. I find training myself to think like this helps me feel more motivated in what I do and in turn, the little things begin to make me happy.

Intentional living could be doing something because it brings you joy and helps you feel more present in the moment. i.e

I'm going to take my dog for a walk because seeing him happy makes me happy.

It's about finding the reason why you do certain things, analysing them and then living that way. It's about creating your best life based on what you want your life to be like, with your values and beliefs at its core.

Intentional living is constant, it's something you get into the swing of doing and it's a lifestyle worth living. I'd definitely recommend everyone gives this a go. So, pen and paper at the ready, begin to write down your reasons why you live your life the way you do. (You know, if you want).

That's all for today's post,
Bethany Lauren

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  1. I love the idea of this.

    I live my life as I do currently to keep myself mentally well, to recover fully from anorexia and to be able to re-enter the work force.

  2. This is such a great idea! I think that being mindful and intentional with your actions is a really great way to be healthier overall. It adds purpose, which I think is important. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you very much for this inspiring post.
    Keep up the good work.

    share your thought on this post.

  4. I love this idea. It wasn't until I read this and actually considered writing down why I make the choices I make, I realised that quite often I do things just because!


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