7 things I wish I'd done in my teens


Okay so I would sit here and preach not to mull over the past but every once in a while with a brew in hand, its okay. Now, there's a couple of things I wish I'd done differently with my teens, mostly in the latter half, like spent less time partying and more time studying, so I'm gonna reel off 7 things I wish I'd done differently with my teenage years.

1) Gone To College
College was a huge hurdle for me due to anxiety so i ended up dropping out. One thing I wish I'd done though is perservered and stuck with it as I could've had a qualification by now. 

2) Stayed at college.

3) Given Up Smoking
I really want to quit smoking, I've been smoking now for around five years and it makes me feel like complete shit.

4) Partied More
I used to love a house party, but now it's just not my thing. I do wish I had gone to a few more though and made some more memories whilst I could.

5) Gone abroad.
I've never been before and there's so many places I'd love to go like New York, Vancouver, Spain and more.

6) Taken my medication
I stopped taking my medication in 2016 and definitely noticed the ill-effects of such, it's something I wish I'd kept going with.

7) Gone to blogger events
I've never been to a blogger event before and it's something I've been wanting to do for almost five years now. 

Those are my seven things I wish I'd done differently with my teens but oh well there's always my twenties. What are some things you wish you'd done differently?

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  1. I wish I went to more parties, because even with all the studying I still ended up at a community college. Not to take everything so serious and relax. Yes a blogger event is a must in the future.

  2. Hi, for some of those things, it's never too late!!! Like for number 2 & 5 ;)

  3. Definitely agree with this list, and also agree with the above commenter (it's not too late!) Awesome post girl! Would love if you checked me out at https://cynspo.wordpress.com

  4. I like the review of what you would like to have done. It is never too late to go back to college, and you may be able to persevere with the wisdom you gain with how to deal.


  5. I would say I wish I'd gone to parties, but I wasn't a cool girl so I wasn't invited. And if I was, I probably couldn't go anyway. I struggled with anxiety a lot too, during college. The stress of doing A Levels made it shoot right up! But you're right, there's always your twenties! x

    Alicia | www.aliciabynature.co.uk

  6. Going abroad is so rewarding. I love traveling and I gained so much from it. Hope you will get to travel around nore now. It is never too late to start.


  7. I love these posts! I have so many regrets from my teens - smoking was one of the big ones for me. When I was a teen it was 'cool' to smoke! And I would definitely have partied more!!! :)


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