Glitter Obsessed Palette Review


I recently purchased the Primark Glitter Obsessed Palette and as a welcome back to Quirks and Queries I thought I'd give a little review of it.

The palette comes with 28 different glittery shades.
Seeing as these are glitter shades I found them tricky to apply but the creamy nature of them definitely helps. It can be difficult to achieve a full-on glittery look so you have to use a fair bit of the product but at £4 it's definitely worth it.

The palette is brilliant for those on a budget retailing at £4 from Primark

I mostly use this palette to play around with different looks and it's a lot of fun. I haven't yet worn any of the colours out of the house as I'm not too good with the glitter yet - but I'll get there. In terms of the pigmentation, well, it's on point. The greens, blues and silvers really come out the best as you can see. I'm not ashamed to say I'm no make-up expert and well applying these glitter creams can be tricky at the best of times especially if you are trying create looks in conjunction with regular eyeshadow.

As you can see I used quite a lot of the product by swatching.

I'm currently using this palette to practice different looks before purchasing one more worthwhile.

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