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So I've finished my Public Relations course and I thought I'd share my opinions of Open Study College, the distance learning provider I took the course with. I had to wade through a lot of dodgy looking scam websites before I found the OSC, so I'm hoping this review will save you time if you're considering going down the route of online studying.

General Info:

A bit of general info, the Open Study College is an award-winning online learning centre which offers a range of courses from GCSE's to A-Levels to levels 3 through 5 with accreditation from the likes of ABC Awards, NCFE and various accounting and business organisations. There's a huge variety of courses to choose from, whether you're looking to gain UCAS points, or employment-related qualifications, you'll be able to find it there. The course I enrolled on cost £399, whilst that may seem like a lot, it's much cheaper than a brick-and-mortar course. You have the option upon enrolling to study online or be sent the course package. You also get a Free NUS card as well.

Course Content:

The content of the course, if you choose the online option, is a selection of powerpoints divided into different units. Each unit has different learning activities and case studies within it to help put what you're learning into context. When I began studying, my initial drive was to understand what PRs do for brands in the context of blogging. Well, it turns out that's only a dent in the land of PR and I learnt a lot about the way the world of business communications works and the role Public Relations has within it. From Media Relations to Internal PR to Crises Management, a broad range of the subject as covered in the six unit course.

Tutor Support:

Upon enrolling, my tutor was quick to email me to ask if I had any questions and to give assignment guidelines and cover sheets. After each completed assignment I was given feedback on how I did. My tutor was also quick to respond to any questions by email, and quick to mark each assignment too.

What I liked:

  • Ability to learn at my own pace.
  • There were no deadlines for assignments other than the end of the course itself.
  • No scheduled lessons - completely flexible around you.
  • Taught better time-management skills through self-directed learning.
  • Taught me to become a more competent independent learner. (Important for higher levels of study)

What I disliked:

  • No online-learning community, so the aspect of being able to learn from others was missing.
  • Not informed of text books I may need before starting, which made it difficult when the course would say "See more in X book". I'd definitely recommend enquiring as to recommended textbooks before you start.


I'd recommend the Open Study College to anyone whose looking into studying from home - for whatever reason. If you need to balance around commitments or like me or you need to top-up on your education, the OSC offers a flexible format for studying. I found that with each assignment I completed (after getting over the inevitable anxiety of hitting the 'send' button) I found a new burst of self-confidence in my capabilities. As someone who dropped out of college, twice, studying this course has definitely helped me lay the foundations for what comes next.

If you're interested, you can check out their courses here.

P.S I would definitely recommend going for the course package as opposed to the online version. I opted for the online version thinking there may be an online community of learners, but now I wish I had gone for the course package as you get a free planner, pen, notebook and highlighter.

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