Quick note


I'm currently taking a blogging break whilst I prioritise my PR course. I've got a week left to complete it and I'm trying to put references into the last assignment. I'll be back to blogging in November and I have lots of exciting ideas to come back to. It feels like a huge part of my life is missing at the moment as I'm so used to posting multiple times a week, maintaining my buffer and spending my evenings chatting to other bloggers on twitter and I'm eager to get back to it all.

There may be a few changes to the way I post as I'm trying to make Quirks & Queries double up as both a blog and a freelance writing portfolio. (Being a freelance writer is literally my dream). I'll be posting a lot more creative writing related pieces - poetry, short stories as well as in-depth opinion articles exploring issues in society. Of course, I'll still be posting about beauty and lifestyle and my dog Seamus will still be sharing his opinions with you all it's just there will be a lot more variation in content on this blog.

Until then,
Beth :D

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