7 things I need to stop doing


We can all be a bit self-defeating at times, repeating behaviours and actions that keep us going round and round in circles and preventing us from being the best version of ourselves, stunting our journey or putting a buffer on our happiness. Today, I've made a note of 7 things I really need to stop doing, as it's wearing away at me.


The perfectionist in me tends to keep piling the pressure on until I burnout and then spend the next month or so in a state of procrastination. It's a bit of a self-defeating cycle, and I need to break it somewhere. I'll always be a perfectionist in what I do, and it helps to an extent, but I need to do things without overthinking it so much sometimes, particularly with my assignments, so I can actually get things done.

Watching the news.

Whilst it's great to keep up with goings on, all it ever really is is bad news and it makes my head just implode with anxiety about everything. Nowadays though, you can't avoid the news, it's being shared on Facebook, its on twitter moments, it's even on your google search bar, but I'm going to do my best to avoid it on most days and you know, maybe go outside.

Staying inside all day

It's easy to slip into a habit of staying inside because that's where the work is; my blog, my online course, freelance writing. Although, this plays really bad into my anxiety about going places, if I don't keep a habit of going out every day, it gets harder to go outside when I want to. I need to take my laptop into town again and do my work in Costa or Starbucks for at least an hour, and make sure my doggo is getting a decent walk each day. I'll end up being more productive if I do as well, I just know it.

Checking my blog posts at least 10 times before posting them.

I scan my blog posts way too much before posting them. I'm sure by, maybe, the third time I'd have noticed if anything was wrong with it, and spell-check's already done the job of checking for spelling errors. I'm just way too much of a perfectionist sometimes, and whilst wanting my posts to be the best they could be is good, it stops me posting much at all because the more I check it the more I think it sounds weak.

Over-thinking about what I've said to someone, or what I've posted online.

This literally stops me from talking to people, as I'm aware of how 140 characters, or a fb message can come across differently to how you intend it. It's been better over the past few months or so, but I need to remember to not let it stop me, and to switch off any ruminative thoughts afterwards.

Putting off doing things.

By this, I don't mean procrastinating, I mean not doing something I want to do because I've had time to think about all the things that could go wrong. Anxiety really does drain the fun out of life and on this front, I need to just try control my thoughts and cut myself off before the 'what ifs' sink in. There's so much I've been wanting to do lately, it took me like two weeks of getting ready to go to town to do some shopping and then putting it off because I got anxious to finally just push through that. There wasn't anything in town worth buying anyway, but that's not the point! I ended up having a really nice day and the anxiety went by the time I was browsing in a shop.

Stifling my opinion in case others don't agree with it.

This one I'm unsure with, whilst having an opinion is healthy, I also hold back on giving my opinion because as I grow and learn throughout life, these opinions are probably going to change. Still though, there's times where I probably should've chimed in and given my take on things, but have just stayed silent instead.

I'm curious to know though, what things do you need to stop doing? Be sure to leave a comment below if you want to share your thoughts.

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