Life Lately: An Early August Ramble


It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, I think January was my last one, but I just thought I'd take the time to both reflect and share with you how life's been lately.

Shrewsbury is a bit surreal on a quiet night - without the thrum of the everyday.

I'm quite happy to say things are going much better than they were eight months ago, I'm feeling more confident, happy & enthusiastic about life in general.

I've recently connected a lot of things together throughout my life - isn't hindsight a beautiful thing? The anxieties I used to face on a daily basis, the dreaded feeling of an unexpected death happening, as I spoke about in my Creativity as an outlet for anxiety post, is slowly starting to fade.

It was my boyfriend's birthday last week, and we went on two meals out, the night before we went to the Lyon's Den in Shrewsbury, I love the way the lighting makes it feel like you're sat at the only table in the restaurant, and the food is so good - the garlic aioli gets me every time.

The next day we went to TGI Fridays in Telford, a restaurant we'd both been wanting to try out for a while, I can't get over how nice the décor is in there (and the staff!). There was so much to look at, like a disco ball on the ceiling, and drum sets and speakers coming out the wall and the food was really nice too. There's even a Harley Davidson on display as you walk in!
I do love a glass-panelled building.


I recently read The Perks of Being A Wallflower too, a book that's been gathering dust on my shelf for about three years now, and I wasn't expecting it to be such a thoughtful read. Sure, I would've liked some more description to get immersed in, but the way his state of mind was conveyed was pretty powerful, the way he describes feeling alive through participating in regular teenage things, is kind of what I'm trying to put across in my own book, and it was nice reading something that was similar in ways. I did not expect that ending though, that was a bit heavy. That evening, after finishing the book, I watched the movie and that really helped bring the story to life, I also found Emma Watson's acting in it to be really pleasant to watch.

My course in Public Relations comes to an end in a few months, and I'm on track to actually complete a college level course. Third time lucky! I'm struggling a bit with the fourth assignment, which is all about internal PR within an organisation, but I'll get there, I'm just finding it a bit more tricky than the previous three.

Blogging has been going really well, I remember last year my stats would reach peaks of about 2000 a month, but for the past three months it's been settled at 3000. I'm feeling so much more organised with it on the whole, and I'm really trying to push myself with the content I create by making an effort to make it show me a little bit more. Store sales have been few and far between on my Etsy store, but I've not yet listed a host of other creations, or developed a print and a sticker pack I've been working on for like the past year. I did make a sale the other day though, which made me very very happy and brightened up my Sunday.

I recently met a friend as well for a catch up and a good old reminisce, and she introduced me to some pubs and I had a tandoori chicken wrap too. Normally, my Saturdays are spent typing away on here, so it made a nice change to my usual routine.
Fairy lights!

One thing I do need to learn in life though is that having a strong opinion on something is okay, but my difficulties come with how I can always see the other viewpoint on a topic, and then I just don't know where I sit with it - I'm just constantly on the fence. I'm one of those people that has no idea who to vote for in an election, not because they all sound good to me, but because there's so many different ways you can go about running a country, so many different routes that can be taken and its just hard to work out which one's the right one, or the best one to go for.

On a different note, I'm getting way better at playing the Ukulele and having a good old sing-song. I'm currently working on doing a cover of 'I'll Hold My Breath' by Ellie Goulding and it's going reasonably well, but I'm also having fun jazzing up some Icon For Hire and working on songs of my own too.

I'm so proud of my cosy corner as it's the perfect place to unwind.

I'm also really looking forward to Autumn and finding mushrooms/fungi to photograph again, I've already seen my first one for this year! And there's so many button mushrooms growing near the roads at the moment - Autumn's coming early guys! Get your Pumpkin Spice Latte's at the ready!
There's so many mushrooms popping up already. I found these really peculiar, they're like growing out of a pod thing.

I probably won't do another post like this until the New Year but it's nice to have a  reflect and a ramble at you guys from time to time.

- Hope I didn't bore you too much ;)

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  1. Love your etsy store - some gorgeous designs! Sounds like you are having a fun summer!!


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