Weird Dream Analysis: Moving Forward


Today I'm doing some more dream analysis, my first one in quite a few months since the dinner party dream, this post has been sitting in my drafts for about a month now, as It proved difficult to analyse. It was one of those elaborate, long dreams that seem to go on forever. I was surprised my mind could conjure up some of it, it was so life-like but dystopian. It was also packed full of symbolism, which I've been trying to decipher for a few weeks.

So, the dream started with me moving house, I had a huge bedroom with green walls, a big bed that touched one of the side walls, and opposite, a huge wardrobe with mahogany doors (personally, I wouldn't want mahogany doors, but still) that slid open to reveal shoe racks that slowly span round, and a clothes rail that kept spinning round to reveal more and more clothes. It wasn't a bedroom I'd personally pick, but it was a really nice bedroom and the view from the window was of a large garden that sloped on a hill with a little lake at the bottom of it. I slouched back on the bed and made a comment to my boyfriend about how lovely the house was.

Then, I went on the bus, which was on a street I now lived at in dream land, it was this double decker green, white & blue one. (Like the shuttle buses they have in the East Midlands that you go on to get to Download festival) but the inside of it was all plastic-white. The floor, the walls, the seats - all plastic-y white, and it made me feel uncomfortable. I sat down on the bus, said hello to a friend, and then another friend (who were sat alone, which I feel is quite poignant to the meaning) and popped in my earphones.

I hopped off at the bus station, which was full of cows and went about my day. It was definitely my town, but everything had changed, everything had been renovated, and Starbuck's had gone, so I popped into this small coffee shop to grab a caramel latte, and trotted to somewhere I once hung out.

A selection of people I know were there, but they were all scattered, minding their own business and not really talking to each other like how I remember. Sat in pairs, or on their own, the weird thing is some of them looked like 10 years older. I sat down and it was like the saturation of the grass had been turned up, and I felt this sinking feeling. This unshakable loneliness.

So, I left, and went to another place in the town that I used to chill in, and there was only one person I knew there - kicking a ball about by themselves. They asked if I wanted to join, but I didn't, because, again, there was this weighty feeling of loneliness and a sense of things not feeling 'right'.

So, I walked alongside the river that runs through my town, the pathways underneath me were a pale yellow (they're normally grey, so again I feel like colour is important here) and it was autumn, I presume, as leaves littered the ground. This part of the dream, where I was just walking, felt like it took forever. Until I reached the other side of the town park.

There was a huge marina with beautifully patterned canal boats, and in the background behind me the swimming pool (that's a bit of an eyesore at the moment) had had a huge renovation, with flumes coming out of the building, which was ornate with glass panels that illuminated a blue colour. There was an outdoor café near the marina, and I saw my boyfriend with a little brown scruffy looking Border terrier alongside him, purchasing tickets. The dream ended with me greeting the pooch, whose name was chip, and stepping onto the canal boat.

I'm going to try my best to analyse this, but there's so many tail ends to it, it seems difficult.

Moving House:

This can represent a desire or a need to move on from an aspect of life. Fresh starts, a new chapter and all that jazz.


A wardrobe can represent your own thoughts about yourself. Clothing and fashion in waking life is a way to express ourselves and is often a symbol of our self-confidence. The fact that I had a really nice wardrobe in this dream, may suggest how I felt good about myself in this new house?


The colour green was quite prominent throughout the dream. From the bedroom, to the lawn, to the increase in saturation when I was at a place I used to hang out. Green can of course mean envy, but I didn't get that notion from the dream. Green can also be a symbol of healing, growth and emotional communication. I found this particularly interesting, given the nature of seeing a lot of people I used to talk to a lot in this dream. It can also mean you need to concentrate on a particular part of your life that needs to flourish. (*coughs* Being more open towards people?)


A bus is literally how you move forward (or backwards) with your life. I feel as though in this case, I was going back in time to a few years ago, where everything felt a bit 'unnatural' to me.


Something that stuck out to me about the dream was the fact that the bus was a plastic-y white, and I didn't like it. The colour white in dreams has a lot of associations, but for me, it was almost threatening in nature. Sometimes, white can denote feelings of anxiety. Linking this into plastic, which is artificial may suggest a false sense of identity or being a bit fake. Wow. things are getting pretty interesting now.


I could be paying too much attention to other people and/or lacking individuality and a strong sense of self. It can be linked to 'following the crowd'. 


The sense of loneliness was a poignant theme, when I travelled back in time somewhat via the bus, I began to feel lonelier and lonelier. Until I walked along the river alone, during Autumn and felt better by the time I boarded the canal boat.

Orange Leaves:

In the same way the leaves fall each autumn/winter to make way for spring, fallen leaves can symbolize a period of transformation and growth (I like the sound of this) as well as letting go of old memories and struggles. Orange, in particular, can symbolize a vitality for life that may be missing in waking life. *chuckles weakly*.

Futuristic Town:

The only thing I can think of that links with this is that my town is going through a lot of renovations at the moment, things are changing, and it may just be there to mimic the emotional changes I'm going through right now.

Canal Boat

At the end of the dream, I was boarding a canal boat. Canals can have a host of different meanings, but the one I felt was most pertinent to me was that of it representing the balance between man-made and nature. The canal boat was on a natural river, not in a man-made canal. As I was getting onto quite an artificial structure within a natural river I feel as though it could reflect me finding the balance between being my natural self and the ego - being the part of me that guides me through society.


This dream kind of gathered together a lot of thoughts I'm having at the moment really nicely. I feel as though this dream was a kind of fusion between the past, the present and the future all in one. It was extremely hard to pull apart, but I feel as though I've got the analysis near enough right. The themes of  a lack of emotional openness and a false/artificial sense of identity (specifically in the past part of my dream) were very prevalent and this is something I need to work on by myself, but I liked the way the canal boat reflected the balance I'm trying to find at the moment - this balance between the real and the façade of sorts that helps guide you through life.

I've been getting the feeling I'm about to start a new chapter in my life, not in terms of a new house, but in a sense of feeling renewed. I just need to let go of negativity, let myself be me a little bit more, and stop questioning so much how I'm coming across or if I'm 'normal' enough. Easier said than done, but this dream has definitely brought together my difficulties into a mini-movie of sorts and made me see things for how they are.

I feel as though this dream is largely to do with the idea of change and personal growth in general: moving forward. I'm not sure if I've been 100% accurate with my analysis, as there were so many other aspects I couldn't find a suitable meaning for, but I gave it a good go.

That's all for this dream analysis post, I know I haven't been posting many of my dreams on here, but some of them just aren't interesting enough or are pretty much along the same themes. I will however be posting some really weird ones from the past soon; false awakenings, sleep paralysis etc. There's a couple that have solidified over the years as memories, and I thought you might find it interesting if I were to share it.

P.S Sorry if this post was a bit rambly ;)

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  1. I love reading posts like this, they're so interesting, I've always really enjoyed dream analysis x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    1. I'm so glad :D Its something I've really got into over years of having such vivid dreams x

  2. This was so interesting to read! I love analysing dreams and you've analysed this extremely well :)

    Sarah |

  3. Love reading about other people's dreams - I have some weird ones myself tbh!

    Carla x

    1. I'm glad, I always get apprehensive about posting my dream analysis' but they seem to fair well in the blogosphere. I'd recommend analysing your dreams, you can find out such interesting things about yourself through them.

  4. So interesting what dreams can mean. I have some bizarre ones that I think about trying to find the meaning of but never get around to it!!

    1. I'd definitely recommend pulling them apart! It can suggest some things you may not have actively thought about before like emotions/thoughts on life. Once you start analysing one, it gets easier to both remember and analyse the next one and it just keeps getting easier and easier to do it. Analysing my dreams is helping me a lot at the moment :D


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