3 Fashion Trends I'm loving this Summer


I wouldn't describe myself as a trendy person, I'm not usually interested in keeping up with the ever-changing landscape that is fashion, much preferring to stick to what I know. Sometimes though, a trend will come along that I just have to jump on board with and this summer I've been really interested in fashion as a whole. There's been three trends in particular that I just adore the look of.


The fishnet trend has been huge this year, everywhere I go it seems there's someone rocking them and it's no wonder as it's such a lovely look. No longer are fishnet sleeves, gloves etc. confined to 2004 punk and emo music genres, or to your local gothic shop - fishnets are all over the high-street and designers have been very inventive with how they've gone about creating them. From wide spaced fishnet tights to fishnet tops, fishnet panel bodysuits - just fishnets everywhere!! 
Airtex Crop Tee from Topshop £15
MOTO Fishnet Detail Oversized Denim Jacket Topshop £69

MOTO Fishnet Jamie Jeans from Topshop £49

Lace Up:

Again, this is a fashion trend I always used to see in my local goth fashion shop and now it's front of house in most high-street stores. Whether it's corset lace up belts, or lace up fly jeans - it's something I'm definitely vibing with.

Black Horse Print Lace Up Bodysuit from New Look - £14.99

90s Crop Top by WYLDR from Topshop - £26

Embroidered Lace Up Choker from Miss Selfridge £10


I've had my eye on embroidered items for a while, but not really delved into it yet. Embroidered roses have been the big thing this year - shoes, tops - I've even seen an rose choker that's literally like wrapping the embroidered rose round your neck - but there's so many other ways to style embroidery too.

Black Embroidered Bralet from New Look £19.99
Black Rose Embroidered Choker from New Look £4 (SALE)

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  1. I wish I could pull off the laceup and fishnet trend! I do love the embroidery but I feel it's had its day now xx Love reading blog posts like these though so keep up the good work! xx

  2. After years not wearing them the fishnet tights have made a comeback into my wardrobe! Although I'd like to think I'm generally not part of the trend-parade, these three trends have also caught my eye... Absolutely love the embroidered lace up choker!



  3. I love embroidery right now, such a great trend and quite easy to wear!

  4. Fishnets and embroidery are two of my favourite trends they're both so stylish and fishnets look so good under denim x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

  5. I'm also loving lace up and embroidery! Only one I'm not enjoying myself is the fishnet but that's just me haha :) lovely little post :)

    Becca xo



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