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Wow, the world would be so weird if YouTube didn't exist...or the internet for that matter. A random thought, but anyway, I wanted to recommend a range of youtubers in this blog post and give you a bit of an insight into what I like watching in the evening with some crackers and hummus.

Shane Dawson

I'm sure some of you watch or have at least heard of Shane Dawson's youtube channel, but for those that haven't, it's literally my favourite channel on youtube. If you like conspiracies ranging from silly to creepily serious and just mind-blowing videos like 'Are we in a simulation', then give this guy a watch. The videos on his channel are coupled with light-hearted comedic videos, like testing out Urban Legends. His videos are really easy to watch and immersive and - oh! He also has an adorable pooch called Uno who has an Instagram account. So, what's not to like?

Michelle Platti

I normally click through to Michelle Platti from Shane Dawson to get conspiracies in more detail. I do love a good old conspiracy, they keep me entertained. Her videos range from the classic and sometimes funny illuminati theories to some creepy shit that you kinda level with. As well as conspiracies, she's covered the Mandela Effect in so much detail with so many examples, she does reaction videos and weird concept videos (my faves).


Moving away from conspiracies, another youtuber I love watching is InTheFrow. If you like watching someone live a life of luxury through brand endorsements, she's the one to go and watch. Literally unachievable goals right here.

The REL Show

Lead singer of one of my favourite bands, Icon For Hire, Ariel Bloomer's youtube channel is filled with Piano versions of their songs, including unreleased ones, chatty self help videos and more.  It's nice seeing the person behind the music and gaining an insight into her multi-talented life...and her sewing room.

Exploring With Josh

If you're into abandoned places, then I'd definitely recommend watching Exploring With Josh's youtube videos. I love just getting lost in them, hearing some back story about the place and hoping and wishing that one day I can visit to photograph it myself.

Emma Blackery

She's just great. She's built her own music career around her successful youtube channel, and that takes so much dedication it's admirable. She's also funny and seems really down to earth as a person, I definitely recommend giving her a watch if you just like feeling as though you're having a conversation with someone, without actually conversing.

The Ukulele Teacher

More of an interest specific channel, The Ukulele Teacher shows you how to play a lot of cool songs, including Fall Out Boy's Young Volcanoes, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and so much more. Watching this channel has made learning the ukulele so much easier for me, it's just tabs I've got to try and get to grips with now.

That's it for this post, if there are any youtube channels you think I should watch, even if it's your own channel, pop the link in the comment section below and I'll have a looksy.

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  1. I've never really watched Youtubers so this post is perfect for me! Will defo be adding this to watch list!
    Robyn //


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