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View from the top of the hill towards the main stage and the ferris wheel. The visibility was so good you could even see a castle turret way off in the distance.
I'm back home and rested after an awesome (and tiring) five days at Download Festival, and of course, I'm going to blog about it. ;) Seriously though, before I went I was searching for people's blog posts and vlogs about their experience last year, so I thought I'd write this in case anybody does the same. It'll also be nice getting down all the mems in writing whilst they're all still in the forefront of my mind.

We arrived on the Wednesday, and were part of the initial swarm of people hoping to grab a good pitching spot. By the time we got through to the campsites, about two hours after they'd opened, it was like a sea of tents, we ended up pitching towards the back of blue camp. We took a Grand Canyon Fraser 3 tent with us, which, whilst we needed a shopping trolley to lug it, it was roomy as, and having a seating area came in handy on a very wet and muddy Thursday (thankfully, the only rainy day of the festival). We spent the first two days before the music started gathering our bearings and just chilling.

We camped in a Grand Canyon Fraser 3 tent which was very spacious for the two of us and had standing room.

Now onto the more interesting stuff - LE BANDS. The first act we saw was The Devil Wears Prada, this is one that Sam used to listen to quite a bit and they sounded really good.
Machine Gun Kelly, 09 June 2017, Download Festival Photo credit: Matt Eachus
Machine Gun Kelly was next with his first appearance at download. It was such a great performance, everyone was jumping and chanting. and his stage presence was so good. There was an intimate moment with a member of the audience, followed by a cover of Oasis' Wonderwall, which as you can probably imagine, was a real crowd pleaser. can see me in the above photo in the sunglasses just in awe at what was going on.

The Avalanche Stage was by far my favourite, it made the performances feel much more intimate than the main stage or the zippo encore stage.

After MGK it was time for more drinks whilst chilling on the hill watching Five Finger Death Punch and then some Prophets Of Rage, who were sadly clashing with Good Charlotte so we missed out on that one. I'm not a regular drinker, and if I do drink I'll stop at the one or two, so being completely smashed, in a good way, is an unfamiliar feeling for me, but I was at optimum drunkness for what came next.

Sleeping With Sirens, 09 June 2017, Download Festival 2017 Photo credit: Caitlin Mogridge

7:50pm came around and it was time to drunkenly dance ourselves over to the Avalanche stage to see Sleeping With Sirens. I hadn't seen them live since my first ever concert during their Feel This tour in 2013. I'd be lying if I said I remained composed for this one, I lost my shit. Perfectly positioned within the crowd for the pit, I just went for it and so did Sam and it was the funniest thing ever. Sam ended up talking to this guy about Theresa May and we both ended up having a group hug with this girl who looked just as gone as us. During 'Congratulations', I ended up shouting the words alongside this other dude who was just in his element. I hopped up on Sam's shoulders for 'Roger Rabbit', got bare high fives and just sang my heart out. By the time 'Iris' came about, the whole pit sat round in a circle holding hands just swaying and singing along. It sounds completely ridiculous, but I felt this complete overwhelming happiness and that feeling didn't leave me throughout the rest of the weekend.

After Sleeping with Sirens, Sam & I were tuckered out, so we rounded off our evening with Sum 41, got some chips and then went to chill in the tent. Oh, and Sam also made £16 from trading some cups he found, so that was a nice bonus.
Pierce The Veil put on such a great show and the crowd really got involved.

Saturday morning came around and I was dead, but Sam woke me up with a cup of tea and some pasta so all was well. The first act we saw was The One Hundred in the Avalanche Stage (probs my favourite stage) whilst chilling with a Strawberry & Rhubarb cider. Then we trotted over to main and watched some Of Mice & Men whilst waiting for the next band. It was odd seeing them perform without their now-former vocalist, but it sounded pretty good. Pierce The Veil came on, and we were right in the midst of the crowd. A bit of a back story, I'd seen Pierce The Veil twice before, the first time I was seated so I couldn't get into it, the second time was at Leeds 2015 and the crowd was so still and splintered it made sad as I sat by the barrier singing along. "Everybody jump" and no one jumped :(. I was a bit apprehensive as to whether the crowd was going to be fully involved, but I needn't have been. Third time lucky! The crowd was decent, and most people really got involved. I ended up shouting along to A Match Into Water with this woman who was in the crowd by us. It was a really good show, and it was nice to see them get the reception they deserve.
The calm before the storm - A Day To Remember.

After Pierce The Veil, it was time to head back to the tent for some food and a much needed quiet sit down. Then it was time for A Day To Remember. I saw them earlier on this year, but they rejigged their setlist and it packed a lot of punch. Shoulder time was inevitable for Have Faith In Me, and they performed Bullfight too. Sadly, they didn't play 'Bad Vibrations', which is my favourite song because you can change the lyrics from 'live with remorse' to 'live with raymus' (my pooch) ;). It was such an energetic performance, and that really reflected in how wild the crowd many crowdsurfers.

This was where the bands ended for us, as Sunday didn't really have anything we were particularly interested in. We spent Sunday morning recovering with cups of tea, eating some food, and then heading back home ready to drink lots of water and sleep it all off.

Overall thoughts:

Download's the kind of festival where everyone just goes for it. Normally, I'm quite a self-conscious person, but I had no qualms about dancing, singing and just letting my hair down because everyone else was too. The people were so friendly and you'd literally find yourself having conversations with like-minded festival-goers. Everyone was just revelling in it all. Hopefully, if the line up next year is on-par with or better than this year, I'll be wingdinging myself back to Donnington Park for another five nights of fun and merriment.

I also went to Download in 2014 if you fancy a read of that blog post too.

Disclaimer: I've included a couple of photos from Download's Press Page, these have been credited and include links to the Photographer's site. The rest of the photos are mine.

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  1. Whao! I've never been to a music festival before. This festival looks like it was a blast and an amazing time for you. It's a bummer there was some rain, but at least it didn't get you down too much. I'm glad it worked out so well for you! 😊

    Breanna Catharina

    1. I'd definitely recommend going to one one day, there's something so free and happy about music festivals :D


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