Why you should analyse your dreams


Dream analysis, as you can probably assume, is more of an idea than scientific fact. It's another one of them things, like the meaning of life, ghosts & alternate dimensions, that you can only really make a good guess at.

Some people will naturally dream more often than others, everyone's different. I'll personally dream most nights, whereas my boyfriend will only dream every couple of weeks, but why do we dream? It's believed that dreams are a way our unconscious minds speak to us, by working through everyday life. but our unconscious can't produce words so it does it through images, pictures and scenes. Which is why, when you have a dream about your teeth falling out or being chased, it can actually be symbolic of something you fear in your waking life.

Of course, there is the flip side of this theory, in that some people believe dreams are nothing more than your brain's way of winding down, and what you dream about doesn't really hold much basis. But then, that implies that humans are quite simple, basic beings which, we know really isn't the case as each individual is as complex as the next.

This is why I believe that analysing your dreams can be the key to your mind's inner workings. Why is it important to work this out? More often than not, we're running on auto-pilot, going through our day to day lives because that's what has to happen, we shut down our feelings and thoughts, and just get on with it. Whilst that's useful for self-preservation, it can often mean we don't get what we really want from our life, we don't live to the best we can, we don't experience as much happiness as we could. By analysing our dreams, we can work out what we fear, what we desire, and it can help in serving as a guiding compass so we can live the best life possible for us.

A lot of my dreams for example cover the grounds of social understandings as you can see in The Dinner Party dream. I'm using dream analysis as a way to explore my own mind more and figure myself out.

It could be any area of life though that's unknowingly bringing you down, or holding you back, from self-confidence to life direction, and I can guarantee the answers lie in your dreams, even if you don't know the question yet. I've found that dreams tell you what you're waking mind won't tell you, as in waking life, your ego naturally steps in to shelter, protect and preserve you.

What if I can't remember my dream?
Depending on what part of the sleep cycle your dream occurs in, it'll be more difficult to remember, but my advice, is even if you only remember one aspect, write it down as soon as you wake up. The more you keep doing this, the more your brain will begin to remember more and more of your dream.

How do I analyse my dreams?

Google is going to be your best-friend in doing this, simply search an aspect of your dream like 'Swimming pool' or 'Waterslide' (sorry, that's what I was dreaming about last night, so it just came to mind) and research meanings until one seems to fit. It's a bit of a guessing game, but the more you do it, the more accurate you'll be and the more you'll come to know about yourself. Alternatively, you can buy this Dream Dictionary & Record Book which has space to jot down your dreams, and a dictionary with many different meanings. By writing your dreams down, over time you'll improve your dream recall, helping you analyse and get to the bottom of whatever's bothering you (or unknowingly bothering you but dictating your behaviour from behind the scenes).

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, that's all for now. I'll be back soon with another dream analysis post of my own.


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  1. I always feel my dreams have meaning because they seem to be based on how my life is going at that moment and I've even been known to dream something that's happened later on! Xx


  2. Hi, I got a dream book a few years ago and was intrigued and would take a look when I remembered a dream. Most of the time I can't remember have fun reviewing yours, Chloe #TescupClub

  3. I find this very intriguing. I dream quite often and I often wonder is it something that I worry will happen, is it something I long for? It's one of life's great mysteries I guess. You've written about it really well here!

  4. I actually really like trying to figure out what my dreams mean as well, although I try to just work it out on my own because I don't usually trust a lot of the dream interpretation books and things out there.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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