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It’s the biggest social media platform of all, and one that I personally need to work on. There are many challenges facing bloggers (& small business owners too of course) who want to try and reach out to Facebook’s enormous userbase; the algorithms can work against you if you’re not paying for advertising, and it can be hard to gain a good reach.

In this blog post you’ll find a few tips to get your facebook page, or public personal profile, to the forefront of searches, and appearing in people’s feeds.

Facebook prioritises videos:

Did you know more videos are now played on Facebook than Youtube? It’s no surprise really as Facebook updated its algorithm to make more videos appear in personal feeds, and for the videos to appear earlier on in your newsfeed as well. You can really use this to your advantage though, try sharing relevant video content onto your page at least five times a week, and keep note of how your engagement goes up; I assure you, you’ll notice an upward trend of some sort. You could also get creative in your blog post promo on your Facebook page by creating a short video, as long as you’re managing your time right it can be a great way to bring that blog post to the forefront.

What to post:

If you don’t blog everyday, it can be difficult to keep your Facebook page active. Some ideas to keep the content flowing is to share relevant articles, videos and photos that your readers might find interesting. You’ve got to give people a reason to engage with your page, other than just promotion, better yet make anything you share fit in with your ‘brand essence’ and you’re on the right track for Facebook to become your best promotional tool.

Quality over Quantity:

It can be tempting to just keep sharing posts to get a higher reach, but if what your posting doesn’t mean anything to your audience, or is just poor quality, people are more likely to pass over it. Similarly, if you post too much, people may just scroll past again. When curating content for your Facebook page, make sure it fits in with your blog.

Optimise when you post:

If you run a Facebook page, check your insights and you should be able to see when the people who like your page are most active. Mine is around 8pm, and I generally think people are more active on Facebook in the evenings, but give it a check and you can see when your best times to post are.

The look of your page:

Make sure your page looks good to those viewing it, linking your cover photo and your profile picture is a good way to do this, and also checking your call-to-action buttons, your description, and other important bits and bobs. Try make it look seemless and a real representation of your ‘brand’.


Getting people to engage with your posts is the first step, the second step is engaging with those that comment or post on your page. Not only will that help shoot the post further up with its reach, but it’s also just a nice thing to do, and will make people more likely to come back and/or see you as credible.


Maybe not so related to your page, as (as far I know) you have to post as your personal profile into groups, but Facebook groups are also a great place to share relevant content. Reviewing something in your town? Post to groups about your town. Made a blogging tips post? Post it to a blogger’s group. They provide great opportunities to reach a large amount of people who might be interested and is something I’m going to try out very soon.

I'd love to know how you use Facebook for your blog, and what sort of success you're getting from this platform, or if you have any tips of your own. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

If you're looking for more blogging tips check out my organising your blogging schedule and ways to promote your blog posts.


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  1. Lovely! I definitely need to use Facebook a lot more. My account is kinda just sitting there. Great post here <3

    x Helen


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