January Blues Wishlist: Fashion & Interiors


The New Year is upon us, Christmas is well and truly over, and rather than sticking to my goals and completing my online course, I'm scouring the web, in need of some retail therapy. In keeping with the theme of January blues is my blue and grey wishlist, with some other relatively neutral colours thrown in for good measure.

River Island Dark Wash Super Skinnies

Topshop MAFIA Velvet Metal Heel Boots
H&M Ribbed Jumper in Powder Beige
Topshop Black Velvet Joni Jeans
CC Collections Big Purple Tribal Backpack

I always see wishlist posts as opportunities to mood board ideas, last year in my "Shedroom Wishlist" post I explored coppers & blues, (I do like blue as a general base colour), now I want to venture into the world of greys - sparkly silvers, mirrored chromes and sturdy steels and I've carried this through from a fashion to interiors.

Glittery Table Mat from H&M
Large Cotton Storage Basket from H&M
Metal Hook from H&M
Ombre Velvet Bed Set in charcoal
Heart Of House Bourne Floor Lamp in Chrome & Mushroom

That's it for January's wishlist ;3

*This blog post contains affiliate links*

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