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A few days a go I went to the Birmingham Christmas Market, said to be the largest outdoor market
in the UK, and despite being apprehensive before I left; about how busy and loud it was going to be, I had a really good time. For those who may be considering going, but want to know if it’s worthwhile, to save you any hassle, here’s a taste of what went on:

The market starts on New Street, meaning the first leg of stalls were bustling with shoppers, merry drinkers and passersby. It definitely showed the thriving energy of the place, but we proceeded on to Victoria Square where the initial crowds dispersed into couples and small groups. We went in the middle of the week to avoid mass crowds, and as such there were ample seats at the various park style benches.
The stalls are decorated in the classic Christmas Market style, log huts, with extravagant decorations on top; a giant tree, themed figures & sparkly lights galore - it definitely looked festive!
There's a lot of variety in what's on sale, I even saw Guinea Pig candle holders, money boxes & figurines; wind chimes crafted from semi-precious stones & dream catchers with every colour of feather you could think of. There was a stall selling Pokemon, Sonic & Hello Kitty caps. Oh, and there were also those really pretty woven rucksacks.
As for beverages, they were about £4, with food costing £3 for chips and about £6-8 for something more hearty. I was only wanting a festive favourite though: Mulled Wine. 
Instead of going on the wheel, we decided to go to the library balcony/viewing platform just by it as the observation wheel had closed off sides and we wanted to take photographs. From here you could see so much and under the darkening clouds, the lights of the city really came to life. The Wheel & The Ice Rink, at the furthest reach of the Market, painted a condensed yet picturesque winter-wonderland amidst the bustle of the city. We must’ve been there for over forty-five minutes just viewing and appreciating the landscape, however starkly contrastive it was to home. 
The only negative is that as we were browsing round we noticed some stalls were exactly the same. In addition the walk between the Frankfurt Market (the first half) and the Craft Market (near the wheel) was under construction, although the buskers jamming underneath rows and rows of fairy lights made up for it.
Having left the market feeling merry and what not, I'd say it's definitely worth going to as a transition towards the festive period. Overall, it was a really pleasant afternoon/evening and I’m now thinking of all the possibilities of early morning photography in the city. (One day soon!)

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  1. I have never been to a Christmas market but I have heard the best stories about the ones in Europe. One day I'm def going! Oh & got here from #bloggerspromohour :))

    1. I've only ever been to this one, I'd love to go to one in Germany or the Netherlands at some point


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