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Today's post is literally just me waffling on about Autumn, so if you want to chime out now that's cool.
I don't know whether it's the painted sunsets, the beauty in the decay or just the fact the Summer sun is a thing of the past (me & heat don't get on), but there's something about autumn that just makes me feel very peaceful and at one with the world.

Now that the British clocks have gone back an hour, it really feels like Autumn & I like the way the natural order of things is restored. Summer's a messy season in my opinion, the sun won't leave you alone some nights until about 10pm, making it difficult to wind down. In Autumn however, daytime is right where it should be - between the hours of 8am-5pm, and I find this really helps with keeping a good sleep routine, in effect making me more productive throughout the day.

The Weather:
Autumn in Britain brings with it the excuse to get your winter warmers on a few months early. With the fog and morning mist, the hats and scarves can come out of their summer hibernation a few weeks early. Even the way the rain seems more relaxed at this time of year in the way it simply drizzles. When it is sunny though, it's merely a welcoming glow as opposed to the blinding light of the previous season.

Halloween & Christmas Shopping:
There's a lot of anticipation surrounding the months of October & November, whether that anticipation takes the form of stress with preparing for Christmas, or in my dog's case stress over the week long chain-event of back garden firework shows lasting from Halloween through to Bonfire Night, or just downright enthusiasm & excitement of the positive things to come. (Thankfully,this is me right now)

Mushroom Hunting: (This is where my nice list goes awry & I waffle on more)

This year, I've done something new in addition to the usual sunset & leaves photographs, I've begun finding, documenting & photographing mushrooms. They're such weird & wonderful things; a reassuring sign that the colder months are approaching.
I just love the patterns and the contrast in colours and what not. Them gills.

Coprinopsis atramentaria
The above is a photograph of a mature ink cap, once upon a time the residue from these mushrooms were used as ink. It also turns out that they also synergise with alcohol and the effects of a hangover can kick in almost instantly after drinking when these are your system as well. I personally can't see the appeal in eating these (or any mushroom in general) but it inspired some of the medicine available for alcoholics in the 1920s.

I don't know for certain what type this is, but I think it's possibly an Agaric type. Anyone have any ideas?
I spent at least half an hour stood in a cow field photographing this, the lighting was just poor. I suppose that's a negative of Autumn you only have a small window of good natural lighting each day.

That's all for this post, I just wanted to document some recent photographs and rant on about how I don't want Autumn to end. Maybe Winter will be just as good!

- Beth

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