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Autumn's by far my favourite time of year, the trees are painted multicoloured, the evening skies carry such lovely warm tones, closing into starry nights. The mornings slow down, they're more forgiving at this time of year; none of this blinding light through the curtains business like a torch being shoved in front of your face. Rather than shoving you until you wake, the sun just lets you know its there, gradual getting brighter before you rise gently from your sleep ready for the first cuppa of the day.

It's my birthday while I'm writing this - I'm too ill to do much today, I've got a fever of sorts, my head hurts and I just feel really lethargic, but my mind is up for it, so I'm blogging until the laptop ultimately gives me a headache, let's hope I can get to the end of this blog post. I'm weirdly having a good birthday though, I've now got my own Ukulele, a new colouring book (a hard-back A5 book sized one), a 144 colour eyeshadow palette from Revolution and some other cool things too.

This week saw me start those MOOC's I was talking about on my 16 things to do before the end of 2016 post; I'm quite liking the Writing Fiction one, but it's too early to tell at the moment as I've only looked at 'Characters in fiction'. 

As for the big wingdinger of a course I'm hoping to start, I've narrowed it down to three options, level 3 social media marketing, level 4 in animal welfare or a level 3 in CBT & Counselling. It's difficult, because I think I could be quite happy doing any of these things.

Maybe I could run my own dog counselling business, which is promoted on social media? I'm sure dogs have a lot issues they could work through.

I'm joking, I just can't make a decision. I have whittled it down somewhat though, I can still get a CPD in Social Media Marketing, so it seems a bit pointless to then undertake another course on the same topic. And then it's just a case of would I rather work full time with people or pooches. I don't even need to answer that one. But no matter which course I choose I'll get a planner, a pen, a notebook and a NUS extra card. 

On the note of pooches, the vet called the other day, and just confirmed everything we already knew about Seamus. He's possibly riddled with cancerous cells, after recently having a tumour taken off his shoulder. I could see this coming given that his brother had the same Mast Cell type but six months before. He's happy though, so I don't know whether putting him through more tests, more rounds of anaesthetics and possibly chemo would really be that good for him. If you think of how one year of a dog's life is like seven of ours, then does he really want to spend his last days going through that? Money's not an issue, so ideally, he could go through the chemo and then maybe live until 13, 14, but if it's in his timeline to pass away at 8 or 9, then shouldn't he just be able to have a the best time possible beforehand? It's so difficult, and conflicting. I know that he would definitely not want chemo and long running treatment unless it would give him a long running life in return.
For cute pictures of pooch visit:

Other things that have been going on? I designed a few products the other day for a future online store, which shall be linked with le bloge of course. Skirts, Pencil Cases, Make Up Bags, Stickers - pretty random things really but I don't know I might call them 'Quirky Embellishments' or something. *strokes beard, lost in thought*

I also drew a self portrait the other week, and was quite shocked to see my drawing has actually improved. Whether it's 'good' or not I don't know, but it's better than what it used to be, so that's positive.

Oh, Oh, Oh, and before I round off this blog post, I just wanted to say I successfully hosted a lbloggers twitter chat (where I ask questions and network and be all confident and sociable and that) and it was pretty good. I spoke to way more people than I thought I was going to, without the scary face to face confrontation, and got a lot of reassurance as to my incompetence to post regularly...turns out a lot of people struggle with that. 

Well, I guess that's it. 

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  1. any more thoughts on which course you want to do? when is your next blog coming out? I enjoy your style of writing its informative yet light and entertaining


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