16 things to do before the end of 2016


So, the past few years have each been very different in themselves, and bought a whole host of new experiences for me; some brilliant, some that make me question myself and others that have been complete learning curves. Strangely, I'm starting to not regret a thing. Sure, I could've done things a lot differently; some new experiences I shouldn't of run so fearfully from, other times I should've had more common sense about me, but I can't change that now, and I wouldn't really want to.
Rather than thinking everything's a dead end for me, which after dropping out of two colleges you can imagine I'd feel quite defeated. I'm not though. This year, I've put my car into reverse a couple hundred yards, when I took myself off Fluoxetine for a period of time, so I could then work out the best route to take.

This year has been more productive than last year though, I've managed to get a CPD in Blogging & Content Marketing & one in Digital Marketing, it's a small addition to a regular CV/Portfolio, but for me it's a massive leap in the right direction.

So, I'm going to send out 2016 by just being me; I'm fed of being irrational, it's tiring. So, instead, I'm going to complete this mini bucket list I've written up for the rest of this year. 

1) Complete another course
I'm starting a few MOOC's next week (short online courses run for free by different universities), just something to keep me busy and maybe learn a few new things as well. I've signed up to a website called futurelearn and there's so many MOOCs! I'm starting one in Religion & Conflict, one in Radical Spirituality and another one in Writing Fiction. 

2) Celebrate Christmas
There's a difference between begrudgingly waking up at 9am on Christmas morning, to just show your face in the festivities, to actually celebrating Christmas. I'm not religious at all, but the time period is just one of cosiness, an excuse to wear your dressing gown and slippers all day & eat as much chocolate as you want. One thing I really like is how friendly other dog walkers are on Christmas. It's a bit like "Oh, you're Christmas is all about the dogs too? Great."

3) Post my 'Songs for when your....' series.
- I've always been really cautious when it comes to people knowing what music I listen to. I don't know if anyone else gets this, but as I'm weighed more towards the lyrics in a song, I get really self conscious as to what people can summate about me from the songs I listen to. For the past two or three months though, I've been drafting up a 'Song's for when your...' series, covering playlists for when your sad, happy, wanting to feel inspired, trying to concentrate etc. Of course, it'll all be personal to me, I'm a blogger not a reporter after all, but I am fearful that people will somehow make judgement, not that judgement really matters in the grand scheme of things. 

4) Learn the Ukulele 
I've been wanting to learn an instrument for years now, and despite trying my hands at piano and gaining some success, I could just never do the whole two hands thing as my coordination isn't the best. I've seen a friend jamming with a Ukulele and the youtuber Emma Blackery seems to have a jolly time with hers too, the sound of them just reminds me of Lilo & Stitch. And it's much happier than learning to play Taylor Swift's array of break-up songs, oh 'White Horse' how generic yet deeply depressing you are. I've got a goal in mind to learn how to play one song by the time 2017 rolls in, maybe a Fall Out Boy cover or something.

5) Celebrate Halloween
The closest to Halloween celebrations I've come to since about the age of 10 was buying reduced packs of Halloween Haribos last year in the weeks afterwards. This year, I want to spend the evening maybe watching horror films, eat a ton of sweets and then eating a ton more.

6) Finish my media pack
A goal a lot of bloggers have is to finally be able to charge companies for product reviews/advertising. I've checked mine against what other bloggers are charging, and found websites that have an estimate diagram. Based on my domain authority and my pageviews, it appears as though I could charge around £25 for a feature. A media pack is what I've got to compile in order to carry across concise information to potential brands (and maybe bag myself some more great skincare whilst I'm at it).

7) Finish the skirt
I almost finished making a skirt a few months ago, but stopped when it came to sewing the waistband as it looked so good on the mannequin as it was and I didn't trust myself not to ruin it. Now I'm starting to think it's a bit unfair that the mannequin is wearing it and not me, so I'm hoping to get it finished very soon.

8) Get a good freebie, or win an online competition.
I won an £100 mastercard gift card in 2014, last year I won a pretty decent make up giveaway and this year, so far, I've won a Miracle Swimsuit. Just one more freebie this year please.

9) Go to a city
I haven't been to a city since my awful mood swing at Slam Dunk, in all fairness to me I had just come off fluoxetine, and chaos has never been something I'm good at handling. 
I do love cities though, almost as much as I love the countryside, and I do love a change of scenery...just at the same time I don't like change or doing anything different. Still, a city shall be visited before this year is up!

10) Finish another chapter of the book I'm writing.
- I'm hoping the 'Writing Fiction' course will help me a bit in terms of organising a lot of writing, but it's a bit hard organising a book which doesn't necessarily have a clear cut beginning, middle or end, it's kind of just dramatic prose after dramatic prose. A lot of cyclic chapters that I can't really link together. Still, if I can get it all wrapped within a few years, maybe I can release it as an e-book? For the back end of this year though, I've got a goal to finish the last chapter and organise things a bit more.

11) Take Seamus on a day trip
He just adds something to the day, I mean, with four loyal paws by your side...what could go wrong? Instead of spending the day worrying about what other people think of me, what I look like, how I come across, I spend the day worrying about whether or not he's going to poo in the middle of the path. It's the better of the two options. With his recent tumour scare too, everyday with him is just that bit more important than it was before. 

12) Get a Job
This ones probably going to be the most difficult on the list, but the feeling of an after-shift coffee is one that I miss sometimes. I don't necessarily have loads of difficulty in getting the job, but staying in the job after someone says something that I then take the wrong way has caused a couple issues. I don't need to get one at the minute, so there's no pressure other than the pressure I put on myself, but I do quite want one. If it doesn't happen this year, I'll keep trying

13) Post a recipe to my blog
I've been getting pretty fancy with the cooking lately, so much so that my fear of the house exploding is almost none existent (except when the hob doesn't light within a few seconds when the gas taps on). Still, food is good. Home cooked food is gooder. (I know gooder isn't a word, but I'm using it for poetic emphasis).

14) Crochet something
There's nothing like crocheting during the winter months, fuelled by a cuppa of course. Last year I managed to make myself a bralet, but this year I want to make a thick beanie or something.

15) Have blog posts scheduled a month in advance
This would help a lot in giving me more free time, rather than sitting there with the expectation of writing and publishing a blog post there and then, if I stagger some posts I've got more time to prepare the next one and ensure its my best work.

16) Be happy
The most patronising phrase of all, to 'just be happy' is one of my main goals. To feel comfortable, secure and not like the whole world is going to end. 

That's all for now, I'll look back at this post at the end of the year and see what I've managed to achieve. Oh, and remember:
The world isn't happening to you, it's happening for you

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  1. Great post! I like your photos too! What camera do you use?

    Sophie x

    1. Thanks ^.^ im using a canon 1300d at the moment ;3


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