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It's easy to feel lost in the blogging world, as the online world, when viewing it as a opportunity for career progression, really is as deep and vast as the oceans; you can either drown in the masses or sail across to better horizons. If you're like me, and paid-for advertising just isn't an option for you at the present time, it's best to try and write down some sort of marketing strategy, like a list of things you'll do each time you publish a blog post in order to try get as much exposure as possible. Below is a list of the 8 most useful social media platforms to use alongside your blog and how I use each platform to benefit my blog.

1) Twitter: 

It's fast in pace, and so are its users. So it's virtually guaranteed that the majority of 'impressions' your tweet gets, will just be people scrolling past. What Twitter is good for though, is reaching your out to your own niche, and there are a lot of users. Another pointer is that when people say click a link in your tweet, you know they've already taken the time to get themselves off a very fast moving platform in order to slow themselves down and read through your content. Normally, I'll post to twitter about two times a day for a few days after I've published the blog post. Keeping it chatty and informal whilst also balancing out a straight to the point nature can be difficult though with that darn 140 character limit.

*I used Twitter throughout May very regularly, and as a result my google analytics rose by quite a fair-bit too.*

Twitter's also pretty good for getting involved in online blogger chats, there's a host of pleasant communities and its a great chance to talk or share ideas, tips and potentially collaborate. (I love the internet, you can socialise without spending the entire time analysing their facial expressions to see if they're pissed off at you - none of that scary face to face confrontation like there is...outside.) 

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2) Youtube

This can be a great way of adding additional content in a different format to compliment or run alongside your blog. Work is required but when done effectively, there can be a lot of rewards involved, including the possibility of more of an audience, with video being such an easy way to consume content, as well as more feature work and all the the other things us bloggers hope for.

3) Pinterest:
If you do get a Pinterest, here's mine. ;)

I'd always assumed Pinterest was quite a lonely platform to spend time on, due to the comparatively smaller amount of Monthly Active Users when compared to the likes of Facebook & Twitter. I was wrong. In the past few years, the sites user count has grown to over 70 million and pins are being created at an increase rate of 75% each year. More importantly, I really like Pinterest and I'd recommend those who aren't on it to scope it out. 
What's great about the 'Pin' concept is the lifetime of the pin is infinite (unlike twitter where everything just sinks down into the deep). This can therefore give your blog posts a longer shelf life, and more time floating on the surface. 
I often just pin Abandoned Buildings, Dream Homes, My Photography & Cover photos for my blog posts with links. I don't try hard with the platform at all, as I've found it gives small rewards in terms of blog traffic for just being active a few times a week for a few minutes.

5) Google + 

Understated yet really user-friendly, Google+ has become the biggest traffic source on my blog and my biggest source of blog engagement. It helps that Google is linked with blogger as well, making engagement much easier for those on Google+, but there seems to be a quality reader base there that's often overlooked.
Google+ runs by a system of having your own profile, as well as communities you can join and collections you can follow. The communities of Google+ are varied and can be found with just a simple keyword search. 
I'll often post a short extract of my blog post, like a key quote followed by a summary, or just the introduction as well as an image with an embedded link (nothing too fancy, google automatically does this for you when you insert the link into the post link section when creating a post) into a relevant active community, as well as a post on your Google+ profile and sit there refreshing your blog stats like the sad analytic-driven person that you are...or is that just me?
Another great thing about Google+ is you can connect with readers really easily through the comments, as well as add them to your circles, they can add you, meaning on your returning visitor stat begins to increase. It's difficult to explain in short and I feel as though I'm cutting out a lot of detail so I may do a post specifically on how to use the site as a way of promoting your blog, but I'd suggest at least considering the site as a means of communication.

And I've run out of photographs for this blog post so here's a field.

6) Instagram

First of, what is Instagram's new 'Instant Moments' section? It literally seems like it's been ripped off of Snapchat, and for the purposes of this blog post, I'm just going to pretend that that update has not my mind it does not exist, there's just wierd floating avatars on my top bar reminding me of who I follow...which is equally as useless. Why? Why did they need to put that there? 
Before this update, and if you can manage to ignore it and not swipe left accidentally on your home screen, you'll know Instagram is just a simple photo/video feed where you 'like' pretty pictures. It's also proving slightly successful in gaining some traffic to my blog. Posting maybe once a day, or once most days, seems to be working in terms of gaining some more returning visitors, as well as a place for readers to connect in a more personal way. More & more brands have an active online presence than ever and if you're active on the site too then that can eventually lead to my two favourite letters...PR time.

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6) Facebook: 

The one thing I loathe about Facebook is the fact its the social network you just can't ignore...there's too much potential there. The only problem is is that Facebook are now desperately trying to a) Push videos onto people's timelines meaning you don't have a cat's chance in hell of appearing on user's timelines with a text post, and even photographs are quite difficult. b) There also limiting a page's post reach in order to try and push them into paid for advertising. 
Why bother?
Again, it's the potential that's there. It's the biggest social network around and the reach you can achieve, whilst difficult, can be worthwhile. Keep the content you upload quality and crisp, whack your link in, and then just share videos you like and you think you're audience might like and that makes your timeline visibility increase, so when you post a link to your latest blog're going to actually get a reach that represents your pages stance. Creating your own Facebook video could work quite well too.

*I had a miserable reach of about twenty people before I began just sharing videos on days where I didn't have any content to share, now my reach is back at a few hundred and Facebook is now my second to top traffic source on my blog*

Connect with me on Facebook.

7) Snapchat

Personally, I haven't tried this one yet, but can envisage it's great for adding more of a personal feel to your blog.  Far from the stigma it once had, the site now boasts a 'discover' section where big name brands are investing money to personally connect with people and it seems to be working. A popular new way for people to take in interesting information in short chunks, more and more bloggers and online personalities are now using it as a way of easily connecting with followers. Home to brands and music bands alike, there is potential there if you just posted more information about what you've been doing/wearing/buying in a new blog post onto Snapchat.
The way I see it is that people love to be nosy, we love to pry for information on how someone is so successful or how scandalous someone is being. It's human nature I guess, so it's seems pretty clever to use that as a marketing strategy. Product placement, reviews, endorsements, brand's all so easily accessible and whilst it's just not the one for me at the moment, it's definitely one of the up-and-comers to watch out for.

8) Tumblr

Tumblr really is like Marmite; you love it or you hate it. And a lot of bloggers make the assumption its pointless as its like maintaining a second blog. I'd have to agree to some extent, as personally I haven't managed to tap into the world of a blog assisting tumblr, as I just haven't managed to tap into an audience. I know there is potential there though as I've seen other bloggers really stand out on the platform, and brands like Adidas and many more have their own there really is something there and I'm interested to know how people make it work for their blog. If you've had some success on the site, please comment below with how you did it as I just can't seem to get a word in edge ways.

Some more field...

That's all for this post, thanks for reading and I hope some of this helped...unless you already knew all of this in which case I'll crawl back under my rock. *retreats*

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