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Just a simple post today, think of it as a mood board for a mini landscape photography project. I've been focusing a lot of macro and shallow depths of field for a while, but I'm wanting to focus on capturing a lot in fine detail and landscapes seem like a good place to start.

If  you read some of my other blog posts, like Appreciating the world you're stuck in and A Late Winter's Walk, you'll know being out in nature has always been a form of continuous solace for me, and I often find it's when I'm on these outings that I'm also getting inspired.

Personally I prefer rainy walks, but the dull overcast didn't agree with the camera so maybe a sunny venture is necessary to capture some more interesting colours around Bayston Hill Quarry.  

If there's one thing a view can do, it's that it can remind you of how bittersweet your insignificance in the world really is. We're all just like ants...and the horizon is much broader than we first thought.

There's a certain tranquility that comes with just observing the world around you. 
That's all for now as I'm off out to find more inspiration.

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