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How a day out at Carding-Mill Valley got me thinking about life:

In life, it's far too easy to get yourself in a rut of negative thinking. It's said all too much, but especially when we're swamped by false media influenced ideals on how we should look, how we react & respond to things and the list goes on. We're made to feel insecure about how much money we make, where we live and the company we keep.

We didn't ask for this; having to slave our lives away and pay for the upkeep of a system and a way of life that will ultimately be our downfall. 

Over the next few months, I'm planning to explore the world in a bit more depth as I slowly get to grips with the fact that life is actually quite long, and if you don't keep on top of things, before you know it the system will have swallowed you whole; a shell in a see-through society. Before I start though, I want to share a day out with you that acted as it's own light bulb moment (I've been getting a lot of these lately), a revelation of sorts...

Here's a video of the day

(Filmed by Sam | Exploring with Sammeh K)

The views really are quite something...

A highlight moment was watching Seamus grow more and more puppy like as the walk went on, proving that his mind and body have not quite reached his 7 years just yet. Still nearer nought than 100, I awed as he scaled across some rocks, at times not so elegantly as he shifted his weight, and the weight of his chicken slice lunch across the uneven terrain. He also got very cuddly near the waterfall.

The long & short of it is, a day out like this was sat right on our doorstep (give or take 15 miles) but I just hadn't thought of it. A simple train ride somewhere gave way to a good time, some lovely views and a flurry of inspiration.

To conclude, life really is what you make of it. It's not about living to be a part of the have the perfect body & looking like the models in magazines, it's not about making the most money and having the newest car, or the best house. In short, it's not about letting our own or other people's Egos, that false part of us that feeds off attention and validation, dictate how we live. It's about co-existing with society and utilising it to make the life you spend away from it all the better.
In the same way a squirrel utilises an oak tree for its acorns, to make its hibernation - it's holiday away from dangers & predators all the more secure, we should work through the system to save up for holidays each year, to escape the now for a little while and make the future times out in the open more worthwhile.

That's all for now ^.^
- Beth

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