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The perks of Amazon Prime:

A major turnaway for me is the annual fee of £79; it's a lot of money so in this post I'm going to break it down, financially and see if the perks of prime add up to make the 12 month commitment really worth it.

Free Next Day Delivery on purchases:

I don't know about you but the most off putting aspect of an online purchase is the delivery cost and time, with Free Next Day Delivery you can have piece of mind in knowing it's going to arrive quickly for no extra cost.

Access to Prime Instant Video:

Whilst its not as clear to navigate as Netflix for example when navigated through with a laptop, but once you learn to ignore constant and sometimes confusing sales promotion of the DVD format as Amazon displays its rental and buy-now movies in the same section as the ones on offer with the 'Prime' banner. However, there's a whole host of movies and tv programmes available just as soon as you get to grips with the layout of the site. (It's not as user-friendly as Netflix, but nevertheless I found it pretty good)

Access to Amazon Prime Music:

When I had a membership on trial, I forgot to explore this area but from what I can gather it's Amazon's take on Spotify, Play Music and other subscription music streaming sites. Create & Store playlists, listen to channels with over a million songs on offer.

Now you can pay monthly:

At £7.99 a month, it's only 50p more than it's main competitor, Netflix. It does add up to £95.88, so more than the pay per annum option, but you can cancel at any time. I remember I took the 30 day free trial a few months ago, so I could take part in AMZ reviews without having to pay for postage, the only reason I didn't carry on the membership was because I couldn't justify the £80 in one hit, but now with the pay monthly option I think I'll restart my membership as soon as possible.

Other perks;

Store Unlimited Photos

 - Standard Amazon customers are given 5GB of storage space in the Amazon Cloud, as a prime member there's no limit on this. (Other than file formats and photos must be less than 2GB each)

Free Kindle Ebooks 

- With Amazon Prime you can rent ebook from your kindle, fire tablet or fire phone etc for free using the Kindle Owners Lending Library. With no return dates, the only limit on this is that you can only rent one ebook a month and if you already have a book taken out, you'd need to return it prior to getting out another. Just like a digital library! There's also the Kindle first, whereby users can rent an ebook a calendar month from a selection of feature-firsts soon to be released books.

Free trial & Summary:

So, there's a lot that Amazon Prime has to offer, but there's no real way of telling without trying for yourself. Prime offer a 30-day free trial that I'd highly recommend. You do need to insert some bank card information but cancelling the membership is instant, so no worry of the £80 being taken unless you forget the date ending your free month's trial. Amazon Prime Video may not be as easy to use and as clearly set out as sites like Netflix, but the video service, the music and the delivery as well as other hidden perks I still haven't discovered, it offers a lot if you're an online buyer, a student, or just a music fiend.

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