Rose Gold Nail Care Routine


It's pamper time! I hardly ever do my nails, so its a relaxing treat when I do. No, I don't go and get a manicure, I prefer doing everything at home...nice and cosy.

There's only one colour I'll paint my nails; Rose Gold. I've ranted on about the shade before in previous Shed Interior & Accessories wishlist posts themed on the same colour. Why not Rose Gold-ify the nails too while we're at it?!
So, it's time to put my feet up, grab my dressing gown...screw the toe separator they're so uncomfortable, and away we go.

First of all I 'sand' down the nails with my Emery Board. These are really handy to have at home on hand, especially for evening's like this when an impromptu nail painting session is in order. A pack of four boards from Brushworks in pink, white, purple & yellow (personally not keen on the yellow as it stands out like a sore thumb) will set you back just £3.49.

If you're like me and muck under your nails sends you into a frenzy, some abrasive tipped cuticle sticks preferably with a flat pointed end to get under the nail are just what's needed to ensure the nail is ready to apply the polish to. Useful for 'rubbing away' at the cuticle. and removing any dirt I'd recommend Brushwork's Crystal Cuticle Sticks at £2.49 for use before applying the nail polish.

This might be a bit much in conjunction with the cuticle sticks, and isn't strictly necessary, but NailHQ's cuticle oil for £5.99 is the product I've carried on using to this day, over a year after reviewing some of their range, as it has dramatically reduced the appearance of my cuticles and made them less puffy.

Now for the fun part, Claire's Liquid Metal range of nail polish is absolutely gorgeous, with metallic purple, gold, teal & the Rose Gold shade at £5.50 a bottle. Simply shake before use (I learnt from error when my Rose Gold sheen was foiled with lines of red.) Oh, and please, be better than me at painting nails...I'm hopeless and have to have remover pads on standby to correct mistakes.

Great for finishing a look, a top coat secures the polish in place. There's many Top Coats on the market, and Nail HQ's at £5.99 is just the one I've found that I liked using. Putting this on after the Liquid Metal Polish has dried, helps prevent chipping and makes it last a lot longer than it would without it.

After the nails are painted, it's time to get the cups of tea in, turn on Gogglebox and just relax.

That's all,

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