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Walkies is your pooch's favourite activity, but if the repetition of the same walk around the block just lacks stimulation, he/she isn't going to have the most exciting of outings. With Seamus soon to be turning senior, I want to keep everything fresh and interesting for him as he reaches his golden years. Here are five places to go/activities to do this Summer alongside your dog.

Take your pooch to a cafe:

- What's better than watching the world go by? Watching the world go by with a caramel frappuccino - the whipped cream and sauce is for your pooch remember.
Have a look locally at cafes with positive dog policies - even if they're not allowed in the building, are they accommodating? (Do they look like dog people?)
Is there a garden or veranda you and your coffee date can sit yourselves down at.

My advice is check locally - facebook and just google in general are often good helpers.

A pooch picnic:

If eating al fresco is more yours and your hound's style, then why not pack a cute picnic for the two of you. Dog treats, homemade cheese twists, a yoghurt and a rice cake for your friend. Don't be afraid to bake him/her some treats to take with you, it's a labour of love they won't turn a blind eye to. Some Dog friendly recipe books I use are "Dinner With Rover" & 'PupCakes'. Local Nature Reserves, ponds & lakes or even your back garden are all fab places to have lunch together.

Take your pooch on a run:

It can be your usual path, or another running route - a ten minute job or an hour long crosscountry, be sure to take water with you for both of you! Your dog will appreciate it and you'll feel a whole lot better for doing so.

Have a day out

Me & Sam are planning on taking Seamus on a day out to Carding Mill Valley soon, as previous days out to the likes of Minsterley have seen Seamus come out of his shell. It also means you and your pooch can slack the next day. It doesn't have to be far, he could even just come to the local retail park with you.

Go on a holiday

I find I see completely different sides to my dog's whenever I've been on holiday with them. Seamus cares less about other dogs infringing on his personal space and cares more for the brisk sea breeze ruffling through his ears. It's a bit more extravagant than my other suggestions, but even just a few nights in the country or by the coast will give you and your dog with the same post-holiday 'refreshed' feelings (Or post-holiday blues).

I'm planning on writing a lot more dog themed posts depending on the reception of the this one.

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  1. Such lovely ideas! A pooch picnic sounds like my kinda thing!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com


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