Shedroom Wishlist: Dusky Blues & Copper


So, my cosy shedroom is clean and even though the plan to install some kind of workbench and have a proper little working area will have to wait until I've got a bit more money (a sewing machine investment is needed) it's time to start thinking about the decoration; the homely touches.

If I were a sim, my environment bar would be on a warm yellow so shopping is the solution to get the bar up to green. 

There's a definite theme I'm feeling, and whilst I'm not normally one for interior design, there's a certain minimalist cohesion I want to have throughout. The blues acting as a base palette for more exotic coppers and rose golds.
It'll be pretty easy to achieve, some pale bedsheets for both the bed and to drape over the furniture, making way for colourful touches and embellishments.

When it comes to my rose gold I'm quite particular, I find that a lot of companies tend to pass of blushed coppers as rose gold and whilst I'm partial to some copper, if I'm shopping for rose gold I want rose gold.
Rose Gold/Copper with pale greys and dusky blues.

Coffee Machines:

I'm just going to jump right in there and say I want a coffee machine. Not technically decor, but a much needed item indeed. The only rose gold coffee machines I've seen are professional espresso makers and being one for a more milky coffee (I've been told my flavoured latte's taste like nothing more than syrupy milk) it's time I invested in one.

DeLonghi Distinta Coffee Machine in Copper.

DELONGHI Distinta ECI341CP Coffee Machine - Copper:
I know I was just previously saying about money but I want this coffee machine. Retailing at £199.99, but on sale in Curry's for a penny shy of a hundred.

This one looks very  modern and stylish and is inkeeping with the general idea I have for the room. With a built in 'Cappucino System' that mixes air, milk & steam, I can continue to enjoy my syrupy milk.

Bosch Tassimo Vivy II:
On the more budget end and once again from Curry's is the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 hot drinks machine in cream. It works by using pods. I like the simplicity of this coffee machine and the sale price of £37.99 at Curry's is much more desirable.
BOSCH Tassimo Vivy II TAS1257GB Hot Drinks Machine - Cream:


Coat Hanger/Bag Hook: For this I'm thinking of just acquiring some copper pipes, spray painting them a more metallic copper, attach hooks & then there's a coat hanger. 

This basket is priced at £14.99 from H&M Home.

The pictured basket would be great for having in the corner of the room as a laundry basket, sock storage - anything really. 

This basket is priced at £9.99 from H&M Home.

A smaller basket that more suitable for life on a desktop, cabinet or shelf. At less than ten pounds it'd be perfect for storing odds and ends in, or even make up.

Small Jewellery Box
£7.50 from JOY.

Rose Gold Lamp
Copper Angled Table Lamp
Above: priced at £67 from the Forest & Co. via Notonthehighstreet.
Much needed in the shed is a desk lamp, and what's better than having a metallic rose gold one. Personally, I'm a fan of industrial style lamps with all the adjustability (I don't know if that's a word) - they're just practical.
Above: from New Look priced at £8.99, these 3 tealight holders would be a lovely addition to my candle/incense shelf and would help tie in even the most small aspects of the room.

Another pick from H&M home is this metal trivel; I just think it'd be useful to use as a coaster/pot noodle holder. Priced at £9.99 however this is a bit steep for me considering what it is, especially as I've seen a similar one in Home Bargains for £2.99.
H&M Home: £9.99
To save money, I'm also planning on doing some DIY rose gold/copper crafts. Simple things such as pen pots, makeup boxes or spray painting a mirror frame. 

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  1. I feel like this post was written for me! I love rose gold so definitely off to check these out :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  2. I love Rose Gold and I literally want all these pieces myself, so beautiful

  3. Pot noodle holder! That made me laugh! Lovely post to look through xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  4. Oh I absolutely love rose gold! I'd have a rose gold EVERYTHING if I could!

  5. Can't go wrong with some rose gold!! :D


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