Online Safety: Sunday thoughts


As a blogger, you want to give people an insight into your life; it's what draws people in. It taps into people's naturally nosy nature as there's something we all seem to enjoy about gaining an insight into how other's live, but where's the line between giving out too much information and being unnecessarily reserved?

The Dangers:

  • Giving out your location. 
- It's pretty easy to do. With linked social media accounts to help with post promotion, it's not difficult for someone to piece together tidbids of information from your platforms; a workplace on one, your hometown on another, a recent restaurant check-in. They can all add up to some creepy stalker knowing maybe a little too much.
Don't think you're not worth stalking either. Sadly anyone is a target. 

  • Too much personal information. 
By this I mean anything from whether you're going on holiday (linking to giving out your location) to your emotional/financial situation at the time. I've heard of so many incidences where what people have posted has been used against them in some shape or form.

Staying Safe:

I don't want to make a post focusing solely on the negative of the online world, as obviously blogging is a major outlet for a lot of people and shouldn't be spoiled because of a few people. Below are a few ways you can stay safe:
  • Set everything sensitive to private, on every platform - even your facebook.
  • Imagine your blog post is in the hand's of the worst person you can think of; that way if what you're posting is maybe too personal, your little warning bell will go off.
  • Passwords. - I've recently realised passwords are all too important; don't go for anything obvious just because you know you'll remember it. Besides, it's better for you to forget it and have to reset it than have someone hack onto your personal files.
  • Please adjust your google+. 

Google + & Privacy:

 I don't know if I'm the only one who did this, but when I set up my android phone I also set up my google+, without realising how public it all is. It's all corrected now, but for two years my school, hometown and locations were all being posted onto my feed; what's worse is my circles were also open for anyone to add me.
I hadn't bothered with Google+ once creating it, it was simply something I made to link with my Youtube. 
I'd advise bloggers (or anyone!) to just triple check their Google+ and privacy settings.

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