Freebie Friday: What I've got this week


It's the end of another creative week for me and after posting about saving money through couponing it inspired me to start it all up again - the freebie/coupon stockpile, messaging companies and ruthlessly entering competitions and in a rather idle week of doing this here's what I managed to grab myself:

  Arla Lactofree milk: 

There's currently a try me offer on the Arla Lactofree dairy drink (up to the value of £2). 
The offer is valid on skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole and the printable coupon is valid until the 11th May.

You can grab the coupon here.

The Body Shop

You can get yourself an 18ml sample of the the Oils of Life facial oil. The voucher can be printed out or downloaded from an email on your phone. You just need to show it to the shop assistant.

You'll need facebook to do this.
There are two product samples you can claim from the 'oils of life'. I've only claimed the one for now.

Taylor's of Harrogate Green Tea

Currently, Taylor's of Harrogate are offering a coupon for a free box of Green Tea. Choose from 4 flavours; Strawberry & Vanilla, Grapefruit & Lime, Sweet Mint & Pure Sencha Green Tea. 
The coupons can be exchanged for a free box of green tea up to the value of £2.31.
Get it here.

 AMZ Reviews:

Amz reviews works on the incentive of you giving an honest product review on amazon in exchange for money off the product (there's a lot of freebies on this site).
For about 2-5 minutes writing time, it's definitely worth signing up as both the above were got for free.

Side note about delivery: I'm currently on a free 1 month trial of amazon prime which gives me free 1 day delivery for a month, however once this month is up I'll have to keep an eye out for delivery offers (when you spend over a certain amount).

Above is:
Instanatural Castor Oil - it's a multipurpose moisturiser that I've mostly been using on the ends of my hair and nails. Priced at £12.95 this works out as a great freebie and is a product I'm quite liking - although the smell is a bit tangy on the nose, it's alright, and the results of the product far outweigh this.

Artnaturals Beard & Stache oil -  I'm not personally reviewing this, I'm leaving that up to my boyfriend and the pooch. (I'm joking about the dog, but it would be funny if he grew a goatee). Priced at £10.95, it's another example of what you can obtain for free. It also smells nice - like vanilla, and has a little pipette style applicator.

Sign up to AMZ reviews here.

Other freebies/coupons:

Free 40g pringles - Valid until the 26th April. Coupon can be found on their facebook page.
Free Big Lunch Pack - I mostly got these for the free fast growing salad seeds, but I also may have a 'Big Lunch' style tea party with my three dogs. You can get your pack and find out more about the Big Lunch here, it includes stickers, posters, information, salad seeds, invitations and more. 

Hopefully I'll get more stuff next week!
That's all, beth ;3

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