Monthly favourites 2016: March


The year seems to be racing by, with March being my third trial month of 2016 - the year's still not official for me yet, nevertheless the year's bought with it a few cracking things so far, the previous month's favourites I will show you:

I'm using eyeliner more and more lately, and as the warmer weather rolls in I can imagine a lot of simple cateye looks replacing the cakery of eyeshadow that greets my face each day (great for keeping my eyelids warm in winter, but come summer I'll be sweating it off). 

Usually, I buy Soap & Glory's Supercat eyeliner, just as it's done me so well for the three years I've been using it for. 

Lately though, I tried out Essence waterproof eyeliner pen - which I personally think might be a great alternative at less than half the price of S&G's Supercat, at £2.80 from wilko, it's a bargain.

With a felt nib that's stayed black over some intense usage and wear that lasts me all day and often through to the next morning; I find spending £2.80 every 8-10 weeks much more inviting than £6 especially as it feels just as good in quality.

Fortune Favours The Brave:

 Make Up Revolution's New Palette designed by BritishBeautyBlog has now found it's way into Superdrug store's at the price of £9.99

The milky brown/white colour shadow titled 'New World' is
one of five of the same style shadows in the palette and mixes
together on the skin to form a nice soft ivory shimmer.
 What I like about the palette is it offers a lot of different looks for you to play about with and can cover you for a lot of different occassions.

From everyday mattes, to mattes with a hint of shimmer, to full on smokey eye, a simple one colour coat, all out glitz gold; it's got the colour combo you need.

 As I've found with all the Revolution palettes I've got, the pigmentation won't disappoint the colour you see is the colour you'll achieve.

However, I would say is one of the matte's 'Latte' is marginally less pigmented than the rest,
Another thing, I found the one end of the brush was brilliant to use, but on one side of the dual end it's very similar to a tacky paintbrush - but it's not the brush I'm buying really so it's okay.

Shop Revolution here.

 Custom Manga Wall:

I've seen this a couple of times on Pinterest and there was a space white wash wall in my shed that just kept niggling at the back of my mind. So I cut up an old Manga book and with some help from le boyfriend to engineer some wallpaper paste, we then started sticking up the piecing, overlaying them slightly at the edges and rubbing them down to create a smoother finish. We've also done the same to our coffee table!

Seamus' March Favourites:

Seamus has got quite an opinion and he wanted a little space on my blog so here it is.

Bailey Bites: Love Hugs Strawberry & Cream biscuit bites by Barking Head

The man that I routinely bark at, you know the ones who brings the letters, came to the door with these the other week; I don't know why, but my people said something about a product promotion, and who am I to argue about treats? 
These taste really good and I've munching on them each evening as my treat whilst watching Jeremy Kyle on Youtube. My brothers, George & Max, turned their noses up at the treats - I think it's because they don't have any taste, but my people said it might just be because I have a the biggest sweet tooth in the house.

Going swimming again!

I sure did have fun last weekend, but I got very muddy!

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