April Update: what's been going on?


Having been ill over Easter, and feeling down because I couldn't really do much - I was raring to get back to doing something and all in all it's been a pretty creative week here. Kickfiring it all with a night on pinterest looking for inspiration to then finding myself meticulously printing out templates to the right size; cutting and tacking fabric way past midnight and into the early hours. Why? I've been enjoying sewing, as well as crochet, a considerable amount lately. It's peaceful, yet productive.

I find a lot of clothes are poor fitting; with rather particular body types in mind when crafting jeans just seem to either hang loose round the waist or be too tight on the knee, tops are too short in the sleeve and too baggy on the bust and I'm just fed up of compromising on decent sizing. Let's face it, unless you were to go to a tailor and get measured up, the chances of finding a 'perfect' fitting piece of clothing is slim (it's still good when you do find it though).

Cutting out the ball-ache of shopping, fitting rooms and the light headaches to episodes of dizziness I get in a lot of shops (I swear it's the lighting), I'd rather just order some fabric online and spend a few hours in front of the sewing machine with a cup of tea and the make an item that I want to wear.

So, I'm currently making a pink crushed velvet circle skirt with a pastel blue zip. 

(I'll let you know how it goes)
I've been on some lovely walks - both day and night.

As well as this Seamus has been swimming more times than I can count this week, and each time he's got considerably more muddy and more tired out than the last.


I received a custom sticker order this week on behalf of le boyfriend; someone wanted a pineapple to stick on their laptop and in return we earned the price of a Subway.

Aims for April:

  • Finish the skirt.
  • Go outdoors somewhere on a proper photo shoot.
  • Coupon trip?

That's all for now ;3

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