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What links these photos together?
- I wanted to practice using lines to help with composition.

The above picture was purely experimental, having taken so many photos in the same location I wanted to try capturing a different perspective. As well as this I lowered the aperture and heightened the exposure slightly to create the pale, faded look of the buildings in the background

If I were to return to the same place I think I'd next try experimenting with different vantage points; maybe capturing more symmetry with the bridges path? Or perhaps one taken from a lower angle with a shallower depth of field by the mesh railings of the fence looking out over onto the blurry railway lines?

The train tracks and bridge helped to direct my camera positioning in this one.

I used the lines on the road as well as the strong shadow created by the setting sun to compose this candid shot. In future I'd like to capture much more of the setting sun's colours reflecting upon the cat's fur/pavement.

That's all x

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  1. I love the way you analyse your own photos! You definitely show lots of promise as a photographer <3

    Lots of love Em, emilyrosevass.com

    1. Aw thank you ^.^ its the only way my photos get better the next time round :3


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