Living for less: Crochet Crafts


The second part in the living for less series is all about a hobby I've recently kickstarted again - crochet.

I'm determined to crochet myself a bra that fits...!

After noticing a lot of people making their own crochet crafted items on depop and selling them for quite a hefty amount, a deserved amount given the amount of time that goes into some of the items.

Whilst some might view it as simply a yarn and a metal hook, crochet really is an open door in terms of what you can make; Interiors, Clothes, Accessories.

Or you can just work into pre-made items and crochet some embellishments!

I began crocheting a few years ago, back in 2014, but only got as far as learning a couple of stitches; chain, single, double & treble.

Max helping me (or trying to stop me, his motive is unclear...)
I couldn't help but add a pink edging to it :3
Also, please excuse the fact I sometimes miss stitches - I keep forgetting to put my glasses on.

I've spent the past week improving on the stitches I already knew, as well as trying out some new scallop style patterns, tiara lace patterns and others, which I hope to use on the straps of the garment.

It's going pretty well so far in my opinion, with some errors and some impatience, I've found the process particularly peaceful and despite still needing to learn how to decipher a crochet book (I just don't get them) I'm managing to learn some pretty neat edging patterns!

On a seperate note,

earlier on in the month I requested some samples of vinyl table cloths (all dog themed of course) and what better way to put a freebie to use than to make something arty from it. Some scissors and PVA glue later....

and we have the above Dog print canvas - all I had to spend money on was the £1 canvas from poundland. 

Next in the series: Save money here & there (or everywhere depending on how far you go) with Coupons!

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