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The third installment of the living for less post series is how to use coupons and cashback to save a little, or a lot, on your shopping. 

There's nothing better than saving money on items you'd normally have to buy anyway. Household and food items are probably the biggest money swallower of them all; with the dreaded laundry liquid and conditioner costing almost a tenner if you're not savvy enough.

Example:  With a surf 48 wash costing £5, which for my household would last about five to six weeks. You're looking at about £50-£60 on Laundry liquid alone per year; I can imagine this figure is much more for bigger families and take into account fabric conditioner as well and you're probably going to be close to fainting.
Of course you can expect a product to go on promotion about three times a year, but websites like SuperSavvyMe offer regular coupons for their P&G products,like Surf, Ariel & Fairy to help you save a couple of quid on a regular basis.
One idea is maybe put the money saved into a jar; so you can see how it amounts up.

Another way of obtaining coupons is by messaging manufacturers.

Letters: One idea I got from Holly's vlogs was writing handwritten letters to companies . It could be anything from complimenting them, doing something creative based on their company (I know Innocent smoothies are a fan of this) and in return companies may send parcels with brand themed goods and/or coupons.
One thing I'm doing at the moment is getting my dog's to write letters to their favourite treat brands and signing them with their paw print. It's a great way to fill up a Sunday afternoon and is something PR departments appreciate!

I remember once I received £4 worth of  New York Bakery coupons, redeemable one per product.
To my delight there was an offer 2 for £2 in Tesco so I got all four for free. That was a good day.


I personally uphold the view that major brands carry with them a major reputation and if you're buying products from them they should be of the same consistently high quality whenever you buy them. If they're not; complain.
I think as a nation we don't complain enough, or we do but don't do anything about it...just sit there and grumble over our cups of tea. (Some crafty stereotyping there)
 Just remember that coupons are given at the companies discretion and they wouldn't give them out if they couldn't afford to, or didn't believe your complaint was genuine.
Complaints could be anything from extremities like mold (only if it's actually occured though) to damaged packaging and goods.
As long as it's not false, you're fine.
It's a set out process put in place by manufacturers to reimburse unhappy customers, so if you're unhappy with a product, give it a whirl...just be real and truthful in what you're saying.
Things like batch numbers and date of purchasing are important to the companies too, so they can then see where the process of prepping the product to getting it to you faltered and improve it in future.
Remember: As long as your complaint is genuine, you are in the right.


From receiving money back from buying your 4 pints of milk to obtaining free Easter goodies and other full priced products, cashback apps have sprung into fashion in the past year. Starting by creeping through the depths of the online couponing community to them taking over the masses, Apps like TopCashBack, Quidco and many others offer money back schemes for uploading your receipt by taking a picture on your phone. These then get stored in your app account ready for when you want to cash out. 
So far, with my fleeting usage, I've received a 1.75l bottle of coke life, which came in handy when spending the evening in my friend's caravan hideaway. 
Deals are really broad range, not just exclusive to the big four supermarkets but also the likes of Waitrose & The Cooperative - I think I've even seen Budgens and Londis on there...but don't hold me to that. 
If you haven't snapped up the apps yet here are the links below:

Next in the series: Living for less - Making money through Depop.

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