February 2016 Favourites: Beauty, Money Saving & More.


Probably the most major thing that happened in February was that I bought three eyeshadow palettes...I'm not saying it wasn't a good month, I'm over the moon with the palettes - and I've also received the highest views in a month throughout the two year history of this blog! So, slightly late, but fashionably so is my February 2016 favourites.

H&M mesh insert jersey dress in black:

Another favourite is the dress pictured, I've ranted on about it enough in my Little Black Dress post, but £7! (& no VPL). I'm still not over it.

Eye Shadow: 

Without a doubt, eye shadow has been my favourite thing this month; I've tossed away the eyeliner, metaphorical speaking, as I find it so much funner (in my head, that's a word) as you get to play about more with colours, shades and blending. 

My original and favourite is the Revolution Salvation Palette 'Girls on Film' which retails at £6, but I snapped it up at the tender price of £4 from Superdrug. Boasting 6 mattes, with the lilac shade, 'One In A Million', being the first 'unnatural' colour base I've ever used. 
With quite a pink undertone to it though, it feels pretty safe to wear day to day, which is the general feel of this palette, despite it's very glam name. The colours are mulled down; tasteful, with the shimmers allowing you to keep it for the day, or take it to night time with more glitter. Or you can do what I do and just wear glittery shades in the daytime, because that's fun.

To summarise though, I really appreciate the cohesion in this palette; the way the colours all correspond and work well together and how they can easily be mix-&-matched for countless looks is what keeps me using it on a daily basis - or three times a day (just because it's fun).

Revolution Flawless Palette

Costing £8 from Superdrug, I bought this towards the end of February and the initial impressions and first week of usage are pretty good. I haven't used all of the colours yet, but those I've used have delivered. What I've found I like most about Revolution eye shadows the most is how the shadows carry such pigment and aren't quick to fade.

And then inside??

32 colours ranging from matte bases, to deep shimmers and everything in between. Names like 'Molten Chocolate' & 'Universal' match their colours nicely, and the classic 'paper' is possibly the best base I've found so far.

Seventeen Easy On The Eye palette: 'The Big Smoke'

 At £7.99 from Boots', what drew me to this palette was the lure of trying out the metallic cream shades and the primer. Whilst I don't feel like this palette 'flows' as nicely as I'd like, there's a few things it offers that I haven't found from Revolution yet (correct me if I'm wrong); an in palette primer. Despite the fact I've used almost the entirety of the primer, about 60% of that usage
from just playing about with it at home, it's pretty darn good and that khaki shimmer above the lilac is top notch.

I also really like the fact it came with a £2 off coupon for Seventeen mascara. 

Oh, and of course the metallic creams are having their fare share of usage too.


With simple surveys being offered left, right and centre I've managed to compile about £16 so far - when I get to £40 I can cash out.
And with a minute or so of click spamming and scan reading (they really are short surveys) you can grab yourself 10-30p. So 30 minutes of your time can get you about £5 or £6.

Oh, and in addition, the more surveys you do, the more you get given.

It's a good incentive and goes in the pile with Valued Opinions & Consumer Pulse as being my favourite survey site.

February Cashback favourite:

Another thing I've been loving this month, particularly in the last week or so, is possibly my favourite of the cashback apps,Shopitize.
Despite Quidco and Topcashback bringing in some great offers this month, like free thornton's chocolate and a dairy milk tray, I find shopitize is the most consistant app in terms of giving you money for items you'd usually buy. 
With the inclusion of free products* (*after cashback) and deals like 40 pence back off a 4 pint bottle of milk, it's great for adding together pennies and pounds.

CheckOutSmart is also another cashback app I've been using lately.

Not just a February favourite, but a forever favourite is this pooch:

Throwback to his dressing up days.

And keep an eye out as Seamus and his brothers, Max & George, make their appearances, sharing with you what they've been loving and loathing...


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