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A firm favourite amongst women for decades, the 'little black dress', or LBD for short, is the fashion statement of any season, with such versatility & flexibility in how to wear; from casual, to office to glam they really are, in general, great dresses that can carry you from Winter to Spring in a flattering way.
I've been wanting a black dress for a while now, it's a wardrobe fundamental in my eyes and I just didn't feel complete without one. For £7 I secured myself a basic black dress with a swing style skirt, sitting just above the knees it boasts mesh detail to flatter your bodies natural curvature. Not only does it hug me in all the right places, the slightly above the waist waistline makes my 5ft 3" frame look a couple inches taller. That, or it makes my legs look gangly long, but hey ho!!

Another aspect of this dress I really love is the way that it doesn't give the problem, as I've found with a lot of jersey style dresses, of a VPL (visible panty line) meaning I can wear my Bridget Jones' style ones as much as I want and still look relatively fashionable outwardly.

Dress In Jersey and Mesh: £12.99 

(bought on offer in-store for £7, worth checking out your local h&m)
Available in black, blue & plum UK sizes 6-18.

There are a whole host more of other dresses coming under the 'LBD' title that I need to snap up soon, here's a few of them:

Sleeveless Dress: £24.99

Again from H&M, as you can probably tell by now I like shopping there, is a form-fitting sleeveless jersey dress, what I really like about this is the detailing of the straps on the back. The triangular pattern formed from the spaghetti straps meeting the 'spine' of the dress looks like it'd be a real figure flatterer.
Available in sizes 6-16 and in a Dark Green colour too.

I really admire the pattern on the back.

Black ruched wrap bodycon dress: £30 (River Island):

The simplicity of this dress is what gets to me; it's such an elegant, complimentary design that's been achieved by simply adding a wrap detail onto the popular classic; the jersey bodycon. I can picture this being worn for a meal out or for having a couple of drinks in.
I'd have to go in and try this on before purchasing however because as I said earlier, the problem with jersey dresses is the visible pantyline issue, which would be even worse if I were wearing seamed skin tights underneath too. 
Available in UK sizes 6-18. Also available in purple & khaki.

Valenteen velvet mini dress by TFNC: £40 from Topshop

The texture on this dress is absolutely gorgeous. After a long running fear of velvet (that was resolved after forcing myself to wear velvet leggings everywhere I went because who wants to say they've got a fear of velvet? ) 
As well as this I absolutely adore the way the embroidery on the neckline and down the centre of the bust really helps break up the dress and break up your form into torso, legs, waist etc as opposed to just being blanketed by a sheet of velvety goodness. 
The shoulders on this dress as well are ideal for me as I hate my collarbones being on show.
The downside to this dress though is that sizing is limited to a small, medium & large meaning that unless you fit their perceived body type it's not going to work, so similarly to the River Island dress, but for a different reason I'd have to try it on and would recommend others do too.

Love and Lies black bow front dress: £11 (On sale at New Look, normally £29.99)

With a bow front detail coupled with a cut-out detail directly underneath the Love & Lies dress is a lightweight, mini length dress with a plunging neckline. 
Available in sizes XS - L (8-14) (currently only XS- 8 & S-10 in stock)

Pintuck Lace Dress: £25 (On sale at Miss Selfridge, normally £55.00)

The lace detail on the sleeves is beautiful and a long sleeve black dress like this one would be a unique wardrobe item. Almost vintage meets embroider's heaven in style with a lot of different textures on the torso and skirt. Breaking the dress down into little individual works of art. The matte black wrist cuff accompanied by the sophisticated oval open-back detail it has an air of sophistication to it, which at a sale price of £25 is pretty decent.

Available in UK sizes 4-16 with only a UK 8 currently in stock..

That's all for the little black dress post, but on a side note I just wanted to say how frustrating it is online shopping in places just to find one size of a dress or all sizes of a dress completely out of stock. They should fog out the item or at least make a hover over message letting you know it's out of stock, it'd just cut out a lot of trouble.
Anyway, mini rant over, thanks, 

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