February: Be Good To Me


What I want from February.

We're officially in the second month of 2016, and like some of you I'm opting for the whole 'January was a trial month'. You see, now that Christmas & New Year's is a distant memory and the calendar keeps rolling, we can't just hide in January blues anymore, the years officially begun and it won't wait for us!
There's a few things I want from February, and a few things I want to achieve.

Below is a list I can refer back to at the end of the month and see what I've been successful at.

1) First coupon shop of the year:
- I absolutely miss the socks off of couponing, and although I'm getting a few coupons here and there it's just not the same as getting fifty odd pounds worth or more for pennies or free.

2) Blog consistently:
- I've got so many things to write about, so many thoughts and idea swirling round in my head it just seems a waste to not write. I want to blog consistently, like maybe twice a week, and have that routine going.

3) Set up a vlog: It's just something I want to do, maybe weekly or biweekly as I'm not the most confident in front of the camera. But maybe a 'follow me round' on coupon trips, dog walks and days out?? As well as this I want to kick-start my freebie videos again and do more video reviews of products.

Those were the days :3 

4) Expand the blog: On the subject of reviews I want this year to be big for Quirks and Queries, I'm hoping to get in touch with more companies and collaborate on a lot of exciting releases. Anything from clothes, beauty products to having my dog feature on the blog for a review of pet products. 2016 will be all about expanding and breaking past barriers and restrictions within blog categories; I don't want that. After all, it's a personal blog and the person at the heart of it is me, it only seems fitting to have my personality in it.
Maybe a new banner and logo: it needs an update I think!

5) Finish reading Oscar Wilde: The picture of Dorian Grey
   People had been requesting me to read Oscar Wilde for a while, saying his writing style was very sophisticated and unique, this was namely my boyfriend (can we please make up a new name for boyfriend, it just makes me feel like I'm on a bloody school playground whenever I say it?!) but I've got to say he's right. I'm only, what, ten pages in, but already I'm quite intrigued. 
6) Buy more printer ink: this one's pretty self explanatory. I love my printer ink. ;) I need it for printing off coupons, inspirational pictures as well as my own photography.

7) Complete another two photo shoots for 'Carnage': If you haven't already read the blog post on my photography project 'Carnage' you can check it out here. My goal is by the end of February to maybe have some more evolved and advanced photographs for the theme, something more solid as a final piece. I hope to put these into a small photo-book to accompany my portfolio as well as showing you guys on the blog! 

8) Get more vouchers - Websites like Consumer Pulse, Pinecone Research and Valued Opinions are my favourite at the moment for getting vouchers for stores. With valued opinions and consumer pulse I can get at least £20 worth of vouchers each month, which does add up. That's a new jumper each month, or a book and a some lunch. 

9) Get on the cashback trend - It's at the point now where every time I buy a bottle of milk, some bread or soft drink I think to myself 'I could've got that free'...or at the very least half price. Looking back, I could've got a nice sum of money for getting my phone contract - if I'd been using the apps available to me! 
Recommended Cashback Apps: 
Quidco (Clicksnap partner app)

(Google play links - also available on IOS)

10)  Have fun: If I didn't enjoy what I did; blogging, reviewing products and sharing opinions, they'd be no point to it at all! 

So here's to say February: be good to me.

- beth 

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