A late Winter's Walk: Update of the day


Today was one of those days where I didn't surface until the early afternoon. Nevertheless, with the day seeming to age rapidly, I still found myself having a great productive few hours with the company of my pooch, Seamus, & le boyfriend.
Sometimes I find the winter weather can really bring me down, like a plant I need sunshine to feel happy. I was having one of those moments where I just wanted to hide away and not live the day out, just sleep it off - a wasted twenty four hours. With a face looking like death I found myself being dragged out of the house by collie eager to walked.

Within about ten minutes of being out the house, I started feeling better - more perky and seeing Seamus trotting alongside us so gleely forced a smile upon my previously expressionless/vacant face.

I really liked the strong, prominent shadows the trees were casting, all pointing in different directions - it's resulted in transforming what would other be a basic landscape piece to something more dynamic and powerful - with the subtlety in the ways the shadows have been captured adding much more depth to the ground.

e took a visit to the Quarry in South Shrewsbury, where the metal buildings provided a great basis for some architectural compositions.

Taken around 4pm, the lowering sun created a lovely warm light on the side of the building block, illuminating all the colours and conveying the intricate detail of the structures in a stronger way.

The Quarry pleasantly surprised me and proved to be full of colour & great opportunities.
 The way in which this image is composed, in my opinion, is much stronger than the first attempt at the same photograph above. The strong diagonal line created by the one structure, which then falls behind the horizontal structure (don't ask me for quarry terms) creating much more perspective to the piece.

The vantage point on this shot is interesting & I love being able to play about with much more angles on the adjustable/tilt screen on my Olympus Stylus 1s.

Some running round time for Seamus!

A few pleasant hours later, the sun had set and it was time for a tired collie to return home for his dinner.

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