Yet more carnage: Photoshoot number 2.


ISO800, F2.8 1/8 FL 12mm

ISO200,FL 6mm, F8, 1/8
 With this photoshoot I wanted to create a contradiction in a picture; something ironic, something abnormal. I wanted to show the deterioration within a household; acting as a representation for something much larger like the deterioration drugs can bring.

F8, ISO200, 1/8, FL6mm
What I like about the above picture is the way in which the light is shining so brightly, you'd expect the room to be illuminated, bursting with colour. Instead, by having a lower ISO and a large aperture, I have captured a dreary looking light in everywhere else in the composition.

ISO200, F8, 1/8. FL 6mm
Notice the deterioration in values - the muddy floor, towels strewn carelessly over the child's ride along toy truck.; placed like litter near the ragged garments. This is what I wanted to capture here and I'm pleased with what I've manage to produce :3

If you haven't manage to catch up with the 'Carnage' project, check out my previous post here.

Beth :3

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