Spring '16 wishlist.


I know it's still winter, but this year, for me, is going to be all about floral, girly...confident fashion. In 2016, I'm wanting to break a barrier that I've been trying to break for years.

I don't whether this is just an anxiety thing or whether a lot of other women do it too but does anyone else do that thing where you put on a skirt, a pair of shorts or a nice day dress - you're ready to go out for the day and then something just changes your mind. Anything. From a slight chill in the air to the way your tights ruffle slightly at the bottom. You just start picking flaw after flaw until eventually you give it up and opt for the usual Jeans and a jumper trend that feels so much more secure.

I was told a piece of advice by a support worker I spoke to for a while when I was about fifteen and she said something that's stuck with me since, and it's probably the best piece of advice I've ever received.
To feel confident, you've got to pretend to be confident - smile, talk, make eye contact and the true feeling of confidence will come over time.

So, my logic is, if I wear these clothes and pretend I feel comfortable in them, eventually, with the way people perceive me and the way I carry myself, the confidence will manifest over time...

(Of course I don't mean go full on cocky confident, but by acting as though you're comfortable in your own mind and your own skin and your own clothes...then surely you'd start to feel more confident and more comfortable the more you keep doing it!

If any of you have this trouble as well, I hope maybe my posts this year on confidence, starting with my spring wear trends, will inspire a few of you to put the jeans back on the hanger and whip out something you actually want to wear.

In the next few sets, created on Polyvore,  I feature a few looks I'm hoping to trend this Spring (just need to find the confidence first - and the money!!!)

Outfit #1 - 

Mustard Yellows, Mulberry & More

Cable Knit Sweater with roll cuff: £13
100 denier tights: £9.50
Mulberry Cara Develigne Bag: £995
Navy Velvet Button Front skirt: £13
H&M Ankle Boots: £25 (Sold out)
Black lace bandeau: £4 (Sold out)

I may've been slightly wild in wishing for the Mulberry bag, but there's many alternatives available on the high street - this just serves as inspiration.

Outfit #2:

- Pink Spring Party
Take this look from day to night by swapping the platform loafers for some glittery almost-flats! Match with cute accessories like totoro tights and a pooch bag to add some perk to your look this Spring. ;)
Chanel Polish: £18
10mm Glitter Pink Loafers: £177
Totoro suspender look tights: £3.18
Choise's Boston Terrier Shoulder Bag: £14.75
AX Paris Fluffy Knitted Jumper: £12
Mariano Renzi Platform Loafer: £77
River Island Black lace-up high waisted shorts: £30
Revlon Colourburst Matte Lip Crayon in Sultry: £7.99
Elf baked eyeshadow palette: £12.50
Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner pen in Carbon Black: £6
Rimmel London Wonder'full mascara with Argan: £7.99

Outfit #3

- Pale Pinks and Dusky Blues are paired with Winnie the Pooh vans for a classic feel as well as a spaghetti strap top for sophistication. A touch of daisy dream and you'll be feeling springy. (The socks are unicorns - why not?!)
Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs (50ml - on sale): £45.99
Isobel fluffy jumper: £35 (currently on sale for £17.50) 
Zip Up Long Sleeve plain short jacket in pink: £19
Topshop Smart satchel bag: £32
Authentic Disney Vans - Winnie the Pooh: £19.99
Black spaghetti strap knit top: £5.45 (sale)
Lucky Unicorn Socks: £8
Skinny high superstretch jeans: £20

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