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A view of the Railway station in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The definition of Carnage is quite simply the killing of a large number of people; a massacre, bloodbath, mass-murder. It's depictions of chaos and feelings of being out of control.

'If a bullet's coming towards you - you can't stop it.'

So, what's it all about?
I wanted to capture the drug scene in Shrewsbury, I'm hoping this series of photographs and those to come will help explain more, as well as showing the emotional and physical impacts of .
I really think the warm ambient lighting in this piece is very ironic considering the cold existence drugs can bring. Due to using a higher ISO however there is a slight bit of noise in this that I'm unhappy with.

This was part of a simple experiment, whereby I walked around capturing one second exposures of things; I quite liked how dark and sinister things were. You could even say the 'jolty' nature of the piece, the switch from one position to another and the way it's captured at such a low light might mimic an intoxicated walk?

I like the structural rhythm the doors add in this photograph.

Some of you might view this as a bit too 'My first photoshop', but there's meaning behind this, all linking with the idea of Carnage; of chaos; of a hit so strong it can result in death.
(Disclaimer; it's flour and salt mixed together)

A lot of the shots I captured during this shoot were very candid; the ideas were forming whilst I was there, shaping and moulding into the theme of 'Carnage'. I love the uneven focus in this image, the way some shoes can be easily seen and others are blurred, the destruction that's being shown in the way the fallen plaster from the bannister has been caught in a translucent fashion as it's settled on the staircase. The dirt, grub and grit that's almost scrutinised by the camera's lens serves well to add to the dilapidated, decaying feel. It's all reflective of how drugs, in particular the street drug scene, can decay the human mind.

This was a nice little touch in the photoshoot's host's living room, I just thought it looked so out of place, so delicate and breakable and was actually taken on my phone using the Olympus 1s live view whilst my boyfriend took a tour of the house.

The kitchen; the heart of the home as I see it. This room was fascinatingly bizarre, full of homely, cosy details. Almost kitsch in style, everything looked used, worn - lived in. The sort of room where you wouldn't be afraid to help yourself to a cuppa and some biscuits, or to put your feet up. It just made me feel a bit sad that the host didn't have anyone to sit down and have a cuppa tea and some biscuits with; they were home by themselves for months. Being told they couldn't have people round, being left alone, it's no surprise to me that he wants his friends round all the time; even if the scene some of them bring isn't exactly in keeping with the cosy, homely nature of it all.

The Dana (bridge over Shrewsbury Railway Station)
Notorious for some of Shrewsbury's not so charmful encounters, the Dana's been home to quite a few scares, from tales of sexual predators, drunken rowdiness, drug use -  it's only a bridge you'd cross if you had to, and at night you'd be reluctant to walk around this area alone, given the fact that H.M prison (now closed) is located directly opposite...a bit creepy to say the least.

Greyfriar's Bridge, Coleham, Shrewsbury. Taken at 9pm on a walk around the town. Ghostly.

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