How to shop Jeans without losing your pocket!


If there's one thing I hate paying for, it's basic necessities and the same can be said for when I'm not buying the 'staple' outfit piece. My biggest hate is going shopping for my plain denims with places like Topshop & River Island setting you back about £40 a pair, which isn't very good when they're black and fade within a few washes.

It's hard not to fall for the appeal for Topshop's
form flattering range and whilst I'm all for having an investment
 pair, for everyday wear and for jeans that need to be replaced every 6 months,
 it's not the most sustainable option, for me anyway.
Topshop Moto black Joni jeans: £36
I feel as though this post may benefit a few people, if any of you are like me and fell for the trick that Topshop jeans were somehow more superior, just because of their price, and then jumped on the band wagon of thinking that spending less than £30 on a pair of jeans was too cheap, or not fashionable enough.
Well, gone are those days!

Here I've got a few tips on how to do the basic jeans well for less:

  • Go to charity shops. 

Not only will you be helping a good cause, but you can also find a real bargain. Whether it's a pair of skinny denims from Primark at a price of £2, or some 501 Levi's for £6.95, you can find a garment that with a wash in your own detergent will feel as though it was yours in the first place!

  •  Have a browse online

 - stores will have discount shops on Ebay selling perfectly good end of line clothing. And much like with Charity Shops, you can find some great second-hand bargains listed on the site, just make sure the seller's reputable first!
- Find clearance outlets from shops like Littlewoods, Boohoo, Debenhams & many more!

  • Get a Depop

 - With a whooping surge in popularity this past year alone, Depop is a site dedicated to personal sellers - it's a perfect way to find rare one-offs and designers labels for a fraction of the cost of what they'd be in store. As well as this, the developers wanted to add a fun, interactive aspect leading to you being able to have your own profile which acts as your online shop, you have followers and can follow other Depop users.
- Get it on android: here
- Get it on IOS: here
(Sorry windows users :( )

  • Shop in the sales!

- The January sales may be drawing to a close but with major stores running promotions at staggered points all year round - the mid-season sales at Next for example and the Blue Cross events held at House of Fraser are a brilliant place to start.

  • Tips for petites: (you'll see why in a moment)

Often, the fancy seemingly-exclusive petite section is actually priced at a few pounds more than that of the regular wear. If you can't fit into the 'regular' sizes though, try have a browse in the children's section.
For your reference: sizes of H&M childrenswear is as follows. (Taken from website) G = girls sizes & B = boys sizes. (Hence the two numbers).
I'm a size 8 and I can fit in the 14/15 years section in H&M, I've seen jeans there for about £7.99, or more designed ones for about £14.99, a fraction of the price of Topshop's jeans and at least a few quid cheaper than the cheapest pair of H&M Women's jeans. If you normally shop in the petite section anyway, the leg length on the upper sizes of the Childrenswear will be just fine (just be sure to try before you buy as you are tredding into unknown territory, the way they shape jeans for a 14/15 year old will be much different to how they shape it in the Womenswear section; things like growth trends and even the origin of clothing can have an impact on sizes. (I've just suggested H&M as I find the childrenswear sizes work well for me, of course every body is different!)

    Not strictly jeans, but the simplest example I can give is when it comes to the leggings H&M sells.
    One pair of jersey leggings will set you back £5.99; a modest price.
    For £7.99 you can get two pairs of jersey leggings from the children's section of the store.
  • Go to discount stores 

- I know a lot of them may have negative connotations, with places like Sports direct often being undesirable to shop in purely because of it's reputation - think cheap hoodies, baggy boxer-showing jeans, 04' England football t-shirts (excuse the stereotype). In and amongst this all though you can find good quality jeans from the brands like Lee Cooper, Superdry - you can find some great stuff in there, even some Levi's if you're lucky enough!
Just because it's not set out neatly and all presentable and appealing like a Levi's store, doesn't mean they're not Levi's. Shops like this will either buy end of line, surplus, or bulk buy stock which means they can sell it cheaper.
Levi's 535: £18

These tips aren't just exclusive for jeans of course! Tops, Jackets, Underwear (please don't buy it secondhand though!)  you don't have to pay top price for everything just because the tag says it in the shop, have a browse, do some research and look around!!!

Beth x

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